Monday, September 26, 2011

Rainy Day Update

Teamster my arse!
It was to dark to be moving hay in the first place. The second place tractor lights had failed to light. I surmise he’d bounced through the front barnyard creek and the bale bounced free the loader forks throwing the load forward. Before Sneak could stop he’d rolled the tractor over the dislodged load.
Sweetheart our top resident barn-cat is as surprised as I was over this driven incident.
Backing the trucks, tractors, and everything else up involving spent time, all I can add is I’ve been; been really busier than a cowboy lassoing a cow from upon an activated pogo stick. I’ve been pushing the varied envelopes for trying to clear away Fall’s unfinished do’s and don’t’s.
Been trying to harvest problem weeds and broke the old mower’s sickle bar in the midst of that. Exchanged the old IH hay rake for the AC 3speed for gathing together those weeds. Excused myself from picking those weeds up for disposal, my having to either mow or bale hay. The baler‘s got problems. It stands in front of shop requiring a new stop (guide) welded in for a belt’s proper tracking. That’s for starters, baler actually needs two new welded in guides.
Now add to this while it is raining, yesterday’s balings are standing on a wagon waiting to be wrapped. Now while it is raining I’m waiting for the rain’s to let up so’s I may procure ground feed supplements. Those paper bags don’t hold up well gotten wet. While it’s raining I can’t wrench and weld baler. While it’s raining if baler were fixed I can’t finish my baling.
Getting in well after dark the above pictured scene met me on my way down the ramp. It’s been a fun filled couple three days in Shorthorn amusement country.
Turning left out of the driveway I picked up medications and milk plus some incidentals. Getting back used an Ollie to pull JD off the hay bale.
Was near noon before sun some out. Rains over some hours before they come again we got the grinding done. Later Bro’ brought home another load his garbage. Wonderful, just freaking wonderful! This load 2 pallets pickles, 1 pallet load carrots, 1 box miscellaneous fruits and vegetables including potatoes, miscellaneous apples, a watermelon, and five boxes assort bread stuffs. We sorted out a splendid six or seven bushel cache of food stuffs for our basement’s winter storage and eventual eating. Gardening has been good to us this season.
Nut’s, will be unwrapping baked goods for near a weak. Took inventory all needing done tomorrow. I see no immediate nap time in my near future.

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Donna said...

Fern, Cliff is putting on decals. You had better have sunglasses on when you look at a picture of the 1855.