Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lightening & Shadows

We experienced a number lightening storms over the last few days. Ordinarily we have rain with such clashes of the titans but for sure they just seem to be throw-en a lot of staggered light charges around up there. I swear one of them became a near miss right here. We've had the lights flicker and go out to come back on again. The 'puter seems to be functioning, but we've lost our TV signal and my Common Roost home page. It's taken some searching (which I've never done before to find it) and glory be I found it again. Now to see if I can save it and keep the Roost site easy assess again.
I wonder if I'm the only one? Seems when we have an exceptionally high humidity base, my wireless mouse goes bis-zerk(S?).
Well here I go again about to bookmark this location, make a loosely idiotic contribution, and perhaps even find some sleep? Who knows what other idiotic thoughts crowds a man's mind? The shadows do!
Waking the 1st time the wall clock’s hands were held fast straight up trying to put on a shy face when a roll of thunder had hit with a resounding clap right close to the house. Rattling the window panes and my bones my I ignored the strike going right back to sleep.
Waking for my 2nd time this AM was along about ½ past one in the morning I woke again. The heat in the house, sleep eluding me I starting this writing. Was up about 4 hrs before sleep were to over took me again. I slept good and well then.
Waking the 3rd time this morning, going on half shot, or at half past 8:30 AM I had gotten up to stay. Checking my 5gal rain gauge bucket we’ve over night gotten up to my index finger’s first knuckle’s depthing roughly about an inch.
Up to stay finding the TV inoperable. Looking into it the problem seemed to be the cable box. The TV working without it, a tech will supposedly check out or cable service in a couple days. Internet service remains to prevail.
It’s 7:00 PM, not feeling all that rosy I had called it a 5:00, came home, took my rattlers, and went Otisville for milk. There I had found I had lost my wallet. Sayzerks! So Sneak driving we came back home. My looking everywhere thinking I was retracing my morning’s steps, Sneak found it, afterward I had remembered how and why I’d put it there. So, we were on the road again. This time with my wallet safely tucked into my pocket I had cash and credit cards. The world was mine as long as my money’d last. Shopping list: milk, eggs, was after some day old oat meal bread that there was none of, and upon a whim a dozen bottles Seagram’s fuzzy navels. May be the last booze we’ll see until October’s Halloween celebrations commence.
Finally home one fuzzy navel for an appetizer a heating pad on my neck, I was settled in for the evening. All I need doing was wait for Sneak’s supper offering. May be we’ll do better on the mowing machine tomorrow. Then, oddly enough I can’t wait to go bed….zzzzzzzzzz

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