Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So Much is To Much…

We've had frost a few morning's ago half way up the state's mitten. Expect heavy frost to over come us come Thursday or Friday morning. :|
I'm so far behind this farm's front I feel as though the seasons are rushing me. Still have surplus* vegetables to unwrap for feed, spotted a broken gate post needing a heavy replacement, still have more haying to do, machinery needing cleaning, winterized and put away; and, haven't cleaned up last Spring's windfalls and not even enough firewood going into the heating season. :(
*African peoples going hungry and I'm trying to save some measure of spoiling vegetables from total loss feeding them out to cattle!
Where's this story gone wrong? :|
About first thing/things doing around here this morning had to pick up a special prescription for Herr Mostess, pick up some special extra heavy gear lube for the mowing machine, and most of all get Sneak up, out, & rolling t pick up the rest or if any’s left his stuff he hadn’t brought with him his first trip moving up here.
I got word his beloved brother’s inlaws were wholesale selling his stuff for whatever imaginal reason anybody may think of: drugs, pot, and just plain lazy-I-tis spending on nonsense. My wishing Sneak, “Bon voyage.” He answered back he’d be home (HOME) tonight or tomorrow if he finds a place to stay over.
Sneak gone I turned to un-packaging aging carrots. Yuk!!! Six bushel this morning ready for feeding out. And four bushel more after lunch.
The cleaned up and generally policed up the work area. Bro’s showing up when all the worst of the program had been completed we fed out those slimy carrots to his ladies. This bit of extended misery taken care of some tinkering making the Cushman easier to temporarily move me up’n’down this road. Bro’ behind me followed me home to return me back to the shop to bring the Schultz Ollie ’n’ mower home for another hay making start tomorrow. Really wanting to start making more hay today I put it off on a rain forecast. Supposedly have four good days coming up starting tomorrow some of the week’s looking good although cold. Cold won’t hurt as I’m not going to wait on it to dry. I’m making hayledge out of it all from now on into Fall.
Come home early today having to make some business calls and I can’t dial out of my area. Shucks! Been informed my phone service was out of order and in need updating. I’m about ready to go back to a landline service. More on this subject another day. I’m not yet buzzed up enough to get into one of my continued growing disgruntled dissertations.
Holy eye full’s outdoor peoples. Sneak and I had a doe and her two fawns watching us unwrap carrots yesterday, Bro had to slow down for three deer crossing the road but a ½ mi west of here. Sneak had walked the dumpy truck’s brakes avoiding making a wild turkey road pizza yesterday. I near joined a flock better than a dozen meandering turkeys this morning a couple of them taking to wing just in time to miss being roasted to a turn in my grill. It has been one busy week for spying on wildlife. Doe season opens Thursday morning, likely bow.
Frieda’s kept bust reattaching her body electrodes for the heart monitor thingy, plus recharging the telephone transmitter, plus changing batteries in her electrode info collector. While she’s so preoccupied with her many faceted hidden body wear ends she’s leaving me alone. (hehehe)

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