Monday, September 19, 2011

Rainy day do’s

Although it is a rainy day I’ve (we’ve) got some rainy day do’s. Like the recently resurrected mowing machine had two broken knives needing replacement, the shop needs putting into order again, Bro’s freezer needs defrosting, and I can use some more beef in my freezer.
A steady pouring down rain sort-a discouraged our dashing out into the late summer’s offering of splendid weather. And then not feeling right up there in the pink I found it a good time to exercise my lazy side. So I did just that even to periodically include resting my eyes. Noon coming and going our fitting lunch into the same time period we prepared ourselves for actually getting out of the house an on down the road to put in some shop time. Interestingly enough while I was not feeling all that good earlier I should have followed a premonition and not left the house.
Not long with in the shops walls sorting Sneak’s junk from his useful tools I experienced a rumbling queasy feeling welling somewhere below and behind my navel button. What was worse I either sneezed or coughed and experienced a 102% fall out. Oh crap! By gum while we were there I kept my stinky present as much distanced as I could from Sneak’s jovial presents and tried accomplishing something.
I don’t know what it was? A reminder of dirty diapers perhaps from and earlier age? I was very uncomfortable. I wanted to go home!
Upon reaching home I nonchalantly entered my happy home and immediately approached the library and it’s throne. There I took up reading a catalogue while I thought a mater or two out. Exlaxed relieved I disrobed adding my dirtied threads to a load of laundry to do, Cleared the throne cranking down what looked like a extra abandoned contributions and showered to remove and get the stink off. On coming out of the shower I dried and grabbed one of my ladies robes, put it on and in passing grabbed a fuzzy blanket I’d picked up in passing and dove under it while I also dived into my chair. Cocooned I was prepared to huddle here until I had warmly dried.
Being a rainy day I tried making a medical appointment with Doc only to be turned down by his receptionist telling Sneak his insurance was unacceptable. What? Sometime later I made a second phone call and talked to the boss lady. Doc’s wife! We chatted and found there was an amiable solution. Doc’s office will take Sneak’s card.
As long as I was showered all over, cleaned, and smelling oh so sweet I called Doc’s office again. I got one his tech’s. The tech asking why for I wanted an appointment I told her I was allover leaking plasma. She (the dingbat) immediately started to give me a hard time. Yakking at me as if I didn’t know what I was talking about, I told her, “I’m bleeding all over likely on account of the blood thinners I’m on!”
Really the bottom line, I do believe I’ve been leaking plasma (a clear sticky fluid) as I have said. I’ve experienced sunburns like right thru my summer shirts, plus hundreds of odd little minuet pimples (liking from ingrown hairs) Frieda has summed up this last malady as prickly heat. I’m over most these problems for the present. But then again perhaps my medications may need some adjustment. I won’t know until I bring these problems to Doc’s attention for another sucked blood analyzing. That is if I can get my family past Doc’s left-field staff for proper care.
Just from where do all these 90 day wonder ex-spurts come from?

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