Saturday, September 17, 2011


With moneys in the replacement sofa fund, Sneak and myself slipped off into the city in search of a new said sofa. The 1st stop the Salvation Army Store. We looked hard at the offerings and saw nothing to suit our needs. Not discouraged our next stop was a little further into Flints busier business center going to/into St Vincent De Paul poor many’s shopping center. Here we looked even longer deeper into the offerings and again found nothing either to our need’s purpose nor style. The 1st criteria was the sofa’s 7’ between the arms length. The 2nd criteria was the sofa’s style, as it must fit into our house. The 3rd criteria was it’s looks. Of-course if the first two criteria are met there’ll be some unilateral ease of appearance the 3rd case looks. Next stop was my fingers walking thru the telephone book making a list of secondhand furniture merchants. On the city streets and two expressways the 4th stop saw us checking out a consignment furniture store. Ho boy, thankfully this wasn‘t Art Van‘s! hitting I-69 for a piece we swung low in the city’s south end our 5th stop a Goodwill store. Again nothing of interest. So it was home we came. Looks like it’ll be another trip into town some of these days.
Back home, fed, we hit the paper garbage tubs and emptied onto Dumpy truck two loads of redirected cattle feed, baked goods and red peppers. One load fed out down the road the second load goes out here, come morning.
This pretty much filled our day. No running around no drinking a beer with a neighbor, in somewhere between late and early. 'Sides I wanted an early evening in Frieda’s company.

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