Monday, September 19, 2011

9-18-2011 Stats

Upon arrival the young man’s distanced destination he brought the really old truck to a stop. Leaving it in gear so’s it’d not roll away, he stepped down on the soil he hadn’t seen for three weeks. Looking about himself the immediate scene nowhere did he see his friend. Had he also experienced unhappiness here? Packed it in and went looking for something better? Taking a stance the driver shouted out his friend’s name, “Stats*,” to each the North, West, South, and East directions. A moment or to passed and he heard his friend answer in his way, “I’m here!“ The truck drive looking into the direction of the recognized voice to see him coming out of the brush lining the other side of the road from where is friend had then hurried as if automatic to close the distance between them. He to had to have wanted to see and be near his friend. The party of the 1st part, the young man with the truck so missed, the party of the 2nd part, almost immediately came out of the wilderness he had ventured into. An emergence 1st cautious walk turned into an on the dead run the two friends meeting with a number of serious hugs and loving words exchanged between the two friends. Stats’ the big gray tiger cat’s master had come home. The joy was sweet and equally demonstrated by each in their own way. The truck driver Sneak, Sneak’s return was to be a joyous and short one. He’d be around for only the next 24 hrs. Sneak had returned to pick up what those belonging’s of his he’d learn still remained. Upon day two, Spats’ not to be left alone again made sure he was in that truck as it was driven away from an unhappy old household. He knew not where he was going but was happy he was going just the same. Stats here only a couple days has already’s decided he’s already decided this is his home. He’s already taken to giving and receiving all our love. Stats has already unconditionally made our home his. This then is my written story as I believe I had heard and understand it and I’m sticking to it. Bottom line, animals can be so very surprisingly universally devoted and loving.
*Stats…..“Stats” spelled the same forwards or backwards shall always come out correctly spoken or written. (grin)

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