Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Busy day

Watching last night’s new, I can’t help but feel safer living in Michigan than anywhere else imaginable. Oh, we have the occasional tornado, wind sheers, some more rain over the average occasionally, and maybe even one good blizzard a year. What we don’t have is a guaranteed tornado alley, we don’t see it so dry we’ve fire storms raging over thousands upon thousands of acres destroying forests, wildlife, homes and businesses. Sure we’ve a goodly share of cold weather. Personally when it gets down to around 20*F our winter’s are comfortably dry. If we happen to get a prolonged freeze going down below 0*F it’s no big deal. I put on a sweater, and occasionally double up my gloves. I keep my driveway plowed, maybe three times a season, the ramp swept off as needed. Winter life is good. Chores simplified feeding hay and doing an occasional grind, Four to six hours a day are spent wrenching in the shop. The freezer and shelves are full. Have never gone more than four days without power per decade. Life is good here.
What I don’t want to write about is Michigan’s jobless rate and the all to many foreclosures.
Hmmmmm! This past week the nights have been cooling off, I’ve closed our doors to the chilly night airs, and I’ve started sleeping under my blanky. Labor day has passed, Michigan children have started school, last night I wore my cotton night shirt for the first time this summer. Adding up the coincidences both physically and calendar time wise Fall’s near only a couple weeks away. Oh yes, one more thing, I’ve been thinking I’ve got to give up and put the haying equipment away, and cut 12 cords firewood to split between three households. True Shorthorn country living choices never end.
I just don’t know what to do with the limp wristed callers? Coming to our door are people whom can’t knock hard enough to be acknowledged. Thinking printing an informative sign “Please to knock hard. Sweetheart the cat has refused to bark!” So tired listening to some people tell us, “You weren’t home.”
We’ve recently had a low lying crook come to Bro's door wanting him to sell him his old Jeep truck. He wanted a restoration project. Bro' delighted sold him truck. Next day the shyster took straight away to scrapyard. Bro' was pizzed. He'd have gladly given the truck to somebody needing it for restoration parts rather than the total end it had gone to.
Neither of us give nor sell nothen anymore. We can eliminate the middle man scraping it ourselves without interrupting our farming to accommodate a lowdown lying scoundrel buggering up the normal flow of our livestock keeping farming chaos‘s even flow. Heck, We can use the extra cash money on/for old/new sandbox toys.
How about these laws only gobberment certified properly trained repair men shall only repair or make adjustments to mechanical handicap equipment bit for hand automotive controls or powered wheelchairs or scooters.
Bro’s scooter had failed to go. We loaded it in truck, took to an authorized repair station. There he was told the machine was obsolete, parts unavailable and un-repairable. The most or best he could get out of the repairman was the motor was shot.
Granted the machine was 9yrs old and had less than a 100hrs on it should make it un-repairable nor the owner operator obligated to spend $4200.00 on a new replacement.
The machine brought home, hung of the tailgate, an unauthorized farmer getting into the machine removing motor. The motor jumped in deed it failed to go. However upon that motor there was also a magnetic brake. That brake removed from motor, motor worked, worked good. Taking brake apart it was found brake discs stuck together. Simply taken apart the pieces rubbed together freed of any corrosion build up was removed. All the pieces and parts reassembled the machine’s working tried again before set-down to earth, it worked. On the ground Bro’ aboard it worked just like new, a couple unauthorized Shorthorn country farm DIY mechanics had it working in 2hrs.
So much for the federal, state, insurance, laws and rules….something needs some serious revamping.
What a day? Cable repair garu was supposed to make fix our TV receiver between 8 and 10 this AM. He never showed, not even all day long! Frieda tried contacting her Doc appointmented office all day and found no answer. Frieda’s physical therapist came. Found her BP up and suggested Frieda rest and no exercises.
Sneak and I on what seemed it’d be an all day endless road drive for grain supply acquisition, empty feed wagon and supplements. Along the way we encountered a Bro’s find several surplus pallets with boxed vegetables, might say out dated, ill taken care of refrigerated produce, all unsuitable for human consumption. A pallet load delivered her yesterday, two more were delivered today some we delivered to the ladies their perusal. They liked the carrots, sweet corn for sure. I’ll check on how their appetites faired over the cabbage contributions tomorrow.
We never got to the reassembling the sickle mower nor the new parts needing making to finish that project. Hopefully we’ll make some catch up headway tomorrow.
Not exactly in the fresh early morning workaholic souls at sunrise, leaving the fence repair until tomorrow morning, Sneak and I managed to take a look at a couple sofas a neighbor wanted to dispose of our finding them unsuitable for our needs.

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