Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Golden years’’’’

…Bah humbug! It’s 3:00 AM, I’m wide awake. I’ve been up every hour on the hour hauling water. What’s golden? It sure isn’t in a hoard of precious metal to heavy to carry around. It isn’t the innate chance to do all those things we (Frieda and I) dreamed about but then we never had the time to indulge ourselves. Young love, and some serious child rearing responsibilities had always seemingly gotten in our way.
Maybe I’ve gotten it all wrong. We content ourselves these day’s reminiscing some of the more memorable adventures we’d shared over the years. And that viewpoint is seldom 100% shared. We speak from memory each of us having a different, perhaps even opposite viewpoint the same scenes. My Mrs.‘s health having taken a heavy burden upon her. Mine isn’t much better my ability to display short, short spurts of energy only, no longer capable of a completing good sprint. These our Golden Years, phooey!
A Shared life is still a marvel. Many years ago, when I had toiled daily for our bread, I’d rushed home to see’n’hear all I had missed. When I arrived home, she reveled me all her day’s excitement a child having done this’r’that. Now it’s these days I rush home to tell’n’share time with her all my outside adventure’s what I had seen’n’heard to getting it done.
Oh we’d had our romantic moments: a belated honeymoon in the cold north woods we’d gotten it right; or about half way through our family years, blessed with a willing babysitter suggesting we get away, we climbed a mountain to stand upon an island overlooking the clouds, she’d said, “Not here. Someone may see us!” the next mountain peek at least seven miles away; or when the last child had left to find his way in the world we searched for a small piece of the “Garden of Eden” to dance and revel the naked dance of finding loves blessings at least one more time. Ah yes there were many moments shared in words and of course arms entwined, Its been a wonderful life to remember to retell how each of us had seen it. Lucky she was to have found my ands she wanted. Lucky I was I found her wisdom and understanding to raise me from a boy into a man. For I say it was an all encompassing metamorphose taken place all during one Sunday’s picnicked day.
Back to the present:
It was an uneventful awakening morning. Everybody asleep I too to taking care for myself. Read some internet, made a comment, maybe two, ate a cold cereal, and was on my way.
Shop time saw me removing one more broken bolt from the tired old NI mower, the bolt removed its used hole required drilling to a more modern dimension to take a brand new first bolt applied in the reassembly the machine. Seemed unreal I spent the whole morning upon one hole. But that is the way of repairs some actions (fixings) taking longer than others. About the time I’m ready for lunch here comes Bro’ blind siding me with his produce project feed, having to unwrapping the goods involving me t make his mess a presentable project.
Un-packaging produce, now there is a fun project. Today’s efforts we worked on in the circled presents of the ladies. Of course we already knew they liked carrots and sweet-corn, broken open melons and squash. They sampled peppers and onions, their not particularly liking the onions. Gosh, and I was imagining pre-onion-ed processed hamburger, fried to a new taste treat burger on any body’s bun. Oh well, can’t win them all. The cabbage went over. I’m glad I’m not drinking their milk nor spreading their butter. Bro’ breaking up my day, he lost me, my established rhythm. Coming home for lunch at 3:30 PM in the rain hungry and out of sorts, when I had finished my late lunch I had lost interest. I had lost enough interest I wasn’t going back to the shop to sit around trying to figure out what I was either trying to do or where was I in doing it. I had passed my noted hitting the wall hour. Additionally I the barometer had dropped and I felt every inched drop resting upon my bones, It was a good time for a nap. One day if he ever wakes…..ah….never mind!
Good heavens, good evening when I woke up from at least a three hour nap. Supper was warmed up steak, potatoes and sweet corn. Then it as writing this and bedtime’s soon arrival.
PS: one these day's catch up pictures.....

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