Friday, October 23, 2009


Yup, I’m back again with a second entry per same day. Oh, what a drippy day it was too. Even drippier than yesterday. What’d I do today? Darn good question. Let me se if I can rebuild it. Looking out my windows and door seeing all the wet I kind-a like hunkered in for a couple hours. I was in no hurry to get all wet. But then my conscience started bothering me I put myself together and forced myself out of the house. Turned right out of the driveway I managed to motor a whole mile and a quarter down the road until I had gotten one them got to see an old buddy complexes. With my lower back physical therapy skills I stopped by to see my ol’ buddy Scooby Doo. He doo likes my scratching his back nearer the tail end of his quadruped spine. The coffee served was just what hit the spot. Why, I even sort of thrilled Miss Loopy with one of my assorted stories again. Only I fooled her this time. It were a second hand tale I told. J
Leaving Scooby before I got thrown out, I came back home fore lunch figuring I’d make another new start out the door after I had filled my belly again. The second right turn out the drive I made it all the way to the shop. Most my time I spent making imaginative parts, gathering tools and ready made miscellaneous fence supplies my preparing myself for hot wiring that gate between two yards. Right about the time I was ready to bail out the shop and come home, Ray finally showed up. Yup, ready to go to work? I’m weather beatened tired under a low barometric pressures and he’s acting as fresh as a daisy. Didn’t cut any ice with me. I hung around for another hour our tinkering upon a hay bale feeder ring he had single handedly destroyed with help of the skid-steer he was driving at the time. Hmm, it had to have been the machine’s destructive fault. Further I’ll admit to no involvement his folding up that semi crushed feeder. At a loss for additional words I’m calling it quits for tonite. BGKC.

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