Thursday, October 1, 2009

Preparing ahead

Preparing ahead……
For one in misery:
I like planting trees and bushes. I get the biggest kick out of the birds making them their homes in branches low enough where I may look into/upon them.
No time is ever wasted planting a tree. I often wonder who and what the folks had thought either leaving some and/or planting others when they settled this country. I wonder how far they looked ahead. I wonder if the they had wondered if they live to see ALL the changes.
Gathering tractor info will take some time as I'm still nowhere caught up to winter's first call.
……I try to be ready for winter.
Firewood taken care of early these last two weeks by another’s over zealous ambitions to his health’s capability. Meanwhile all the grease guns filled only the other day. Gotta in a must way dig up a couple fence posts and replace them with new before the ground freezes. Build or rebuild a couple gate to fit particular gate openings. A biggy for tomorrow before the October rains descend upon us, cover (or tarp) the firewood piles protection from snows. Gotta pull posts out of the ground around my yard for clear access snow removal. WITCH reminds me the big-a tractor snow blower needs a new bottom. It might come in handy here? Clean mower-conditioner and cover. Put the 605 Vermeer baler away in shed for another year. When haying’s done winterize hay wrapper. Collect and gather unused equipment batteries for inside storage and trickle chargers. Make ready tubs to cover JD consoles and buckets to top vertical exhaust pipes. Plus whatever else may come to mind. So it may be seen I’ve got just six weeks to prepare for measurable or accountable snows. Otherwise all my free time is my own.
Oh yeah, I’m reminded every productive work day with cramps I’ve ever enjoyed as some of my post day wind-down relaxations mindful activities. I try keeping bananas and oranges in the house. Bananas’ I can only eat late night. Eatened earlier during the day they give me a pain under my breast bone. I can also enjoy eating a good sized chewable orange. Can’t take orange juice to this day, without wanting up-chuck even just seeing it in a glass, after a two month diet for hepatitis a half century ago. For a medical solution I’ve a third solution taking a third a dozen Valium with a double bourbon. This remedy doesn’t necessarily take the pain away but then I don’t give a shyit either.
6:00 &7:30 AM
When ya got it.......Ya got it. And I got it. I woke up to it, the deck felt like it were iced before light with a visual confirmation at sunrise.
Well the equipment is ready and willing to go haying one more last time this season. Only a couple drawbacks. We're sposed to get heavy rains tomorrow. Then its anybody's guess after that. Weather guesser's still predicting a possible rain shower everyday after that?
6:30 PM and I’m a whipped puppy. Busy, busy all the Sunny day. Mentally and physically exhausted far short the mental prowess to set down what I can’t remember what I did today. Trying to remember involved topping off the fluids in the 4020 JD, some toting extra fuels. Fixed fence in a Bull pen holding two bulls.
While anyone, should anyone, be looking on and taken with concerned for my safety working amidst a couple Shorthorn bulls. No worries my sharing my time with these big guys tipping the scales at better than 2000 pounds apiece. Shorthorns in general are oh so easy to get along with, they’s just big baby’s.
One more thing I got roped into splitting and hauling firewood. I didn’t need that, not so late into the day when I’d been perfectly content enough to have waved a magic air wand around and over that machine to clean the mower-conditioner for covered storage.
Totally exhausted I’ve near fallen asleep between the rattlers the beer and supper. Supper wasn’t Frieda’s cooking, but hungry I ate it. BGKC.

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Paula said...

I've never felt afraid around John's bulls.