Friday, October 30, 2009

Sunny Beaches

Be fore-warned, more than one rant ahead……….
Butt, 90% of the time I cut and paste cyber-net entries.
KL was where I started posting my routines and answered cattle question in ‘02. Seems I’m no longer welcomed there anymore. My even writing the head of the Gestapo I’ve received no answers nor explanations as to their treatment of the problems I pointed out nor me??? Soooo! KL!!!! PU!
Paraphrased, KL messages to me are something like you "tend to talk trash." That's about the gist of my trying to make entries or posting tractor pictures anywhere with in the YT realm.
HA! I haven't such troubles post my favorite journal or here.
Anyone have any idea of other sites where the information of tractors and implements are welcomed (blush) besides here. Sorry guys. I'm just interested in finding a wider base acceptable information.
I’m glad that rant is over!!!!
This morning, We are covered in rain, as like a lot of other folks all the way to the golf. Up it has rained up and clouded all over us and I suspect with it all our color will be washed out of the trees and laid on the ground.
I’ve noticed one interesting phenomena, all our weather stop at the Canadian border. Could it be we’re all living on the wrong side of a line?
What an ABC rap laid on Michigan’s blueberry plantations mistreating children letting them assist their parents harvesting fruit crops. ABC narrow mindedly is looking for some kind of a sensationalized story to broadcast without looking at the whole of the children fruit picking issue. Is ABC going to come to the aid of all these mistreated children locking them up in day care centers away from their parents and freshair’s freedom? I don’t think so.
Myself growing up and working in and around West Michigan’s blueberry country such children in the fields with their parents has been going on for decades. Now, it appears ABC is coming to the forefront with an unrealistic research child labor laws violation story.
These workers for the most part, the adults take their children with them to the fields. This self nurtured activity upon the parents part is their way of keeping tract their children. Holy mother to Mergatroid where was ABC when I needed saving 70 years ago. My parents dragged my arse into the blueberry fields, the grape vineyards, the truck gardens. Where was ABC saving me from an out of looking for troubled mischief workaholic? I ask, Where was ABC back then?
ABC had gone so far as to suggest fruit growers go to such lengths to spray dangerous chemicals endangering children. I suggest those chemicals are timely applied in such a manner they’ve lost their toxicity over just so many days. By time those crops are harvested that residue has either been rain washed of or its effective chemical life cycle has expired. And the while residue pictured up on the fruit in a child’s hand, that was the natural natures own yeast on that cherry. Try making a barrel of wine with out it, yeast has to come from somewhere.
ABC so interested in sensationalizing a bias news story didn’t even go into the rudimentary developments of blueberries. I have no idea how many varieties of blueberries are grown these days. I’ll bet essentially there are likely as many as a dozen different berry producing plants where upon the fruits matures at very different rates. Some blueberries harvesting starts even before July 1st and continues on long into September, maybe ever the 1st of October.
It burns me up such unscrupulous news hounds run around looking for stories they may exploit and sensationalize looking for higher ratings regardless who they hurt.
I know the Adkins and a great many of their neighbors.
I also know Chicano and Mexican help are the most sought after labors on larger farm enterprises around here. They never miss a day’s work, do what has to be done, don’t complain, and steady workers.
E-gads I’ve just completed another rant. I’m glad this one’s over, too!!!!
Night before last, just around the corner, a neighbor lady in the shower had turpentine thrown on her by her boy friend he had tried to light. Fortunately she wasn’t hurt being in the shower covered with water, the water saving her from any burns injury. He’s lodged in the county jail for assault. In my mind he aught to be charged with attempted murder, tried, and locked up for life.
What an absolutely drippy day. Even doing my best to avoid becoming wet, it were so warm today I came home soaked from the inside out. At that it was only a two light shirt day. It has been so warm we’ve gone without a wood fire in our home the last three days. The barnyard creek so full of water the barn’s water front property again. I haven’t been out there, but I’m imagining the Duck Lake’s over flow creek is running causing the ladies to come up for less fresh water.
Under the cover of the shop roof we devoted our time to replacing all the wood inside the old old-head-gated squeeze chute. Short a paint job the chute almost looks like new. AN early start tomorrow we’ll set it in time for running all the weaned spring calves through it processing them inoculating, worming, pick and choosing which ones stay, which ones go and where they’ll go: steers for filling private orders for feeder cattle, club calves, and shipping cull heifers to the livestock exchange for somebody else to feed.
Something extra I’ve come up with for carrying chain lubricants on the tractor or equipment. I’ve taken to putting baler chain lubricant into emptied dish soap bottles. I like these bottles lids keeping rain water and dirt out. The caps on the lids also serves as a good closure should the bottle tip over keeping the bottle capped. My next trick will involve containers built into the machines to hold this lubricant always machine handy.

The last 1850 in our stable of tractors stands waiting for a new “U” bolt and nuts to hold the reversed hub to the axel before installing new wheel, new 38 rim, and like new 38“ tire and tube. This couldn’t have been better had it been planned. This 1850 waiting parts sort-a gives me a very physically labored day off. Well so much for another easy day tomorrow. Going to be working calves through the chute.
Now for the witching eve’s night for more rest the evening the day I finished upright. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Good entry Fernan as always. Yep that guy should have been locked up with the key thrown away. Instead they rather complain about the kids working in the fields with their parents.