Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rain day…

...rain means I gets a day off right after I've unloaded a hay wagon, mounted a new tire or two on each of two already put together wheel kits replacing the one I had destroyed, hook up woodhauler behind Ugly, the wood splitter behind wood hauler, and make the wood cuttings circuit splitting and picking up remaining piles of firewood, cleaning up the landscape. Need to simply replace one lectric gate handle, wipe off and grease the rams on the varied machinery built-in hydraulic cylinders left outside. and cover the mowing machines from the winter snows, and finish winterizing the bale wrapper. Then whatever time left over is mine. Still need to electrify the gate we hung the other day to keep the innocent of-course cattle from pushing on it.
So if I happen to be caught with a beer in hand, I’ll either be work finished, finished work celebrating, or thimking preponderances.
My take and tastes on varied chilies’ include concoctions all the way from a pepper heavily seasoned borsht all the way to a mater and/or bean laddened noodle-less goulash. Have never eaten one I didn’t like. There’s got to be as many different recipes as imaginative cooks around the globe. Yumm!
Ahem, never seen chili assembled at the table out of family styled table setting. To each his own I’d have to positively guess. Personally I like any chili slow cooked and eating-better second day’s leftover’s eating.
Kinda drippy don't you know. Ray didn't get the part. So, I had to. Handy wanted ride to store so he went with me. Seems I spent most of morning looking for nozzle part. I was ever glad Handy was with me keeping me on the ball my having to eventually drive in to the near inside part of Flint city. Darn traffic was horrendous.
On way back from the city finally got Handy to his store. Going in with him got Herr Mostess some treats she's been asking for. While I was in the store I noticed some children out of school. Why there mothers dragged them along to the supermarket mystifies me. Kids coughing and hacking. I don’t know? One thing’s sure we’ve at least four local schools closed for four day decontaminations this area’s swine flue spread among children. Now what bothers me, might/may I pick up one of these indiscriminate germs hacked all over some store merchandize and I unknowingly carry it home to the wife and myself‘s enjoyment? What is this carelessness or thoughtlessness or both?
Back to the treats I’m damned if I know why I should, as thin and bent-up her skillet's getting. What started out cast iron is looking more like my hat sized dropped forged. AND, all the gruff she's been giving me lately over her wardrobe wants. She’s been insisting I’ve been lax purchasing her a “T” shirt at the supermarket. For crying out-loud, why would I look for clothing in a grocery store? And if a grocery store had carried such an item doesn’t mean every grocery store is going to have them. Sheesh, I took her all afternoon to figure all this out under her gray haired covered brain. Hmm, I’ve never known her to have so much as a single blond hair on her head.
Ho boy, lunch hadn't even settled and guess who'd she had already gotten around to hitting the cider. Shameful I’ll write it here. Sheesh, thankfully I haven't had one of these day's in a long time. Although, it looks like this day wont be skipped either.
The furnace in the hollow finally fixed, the weather still drippy midday I went on to the shop. There was plenty to do there. I took a tire off the welded wheel for one thing. The wheel needed a thorough rust removal cleaning which I skipped for today. Plus had found the rim needed more fixing, the valve stem hole welded shut, and a new hole drilled in another place in the rim. Feeling lazy I choose next to fill oil bottles, a sit down job.
Hanged if the heifers hadn’t some how knocked a brace off a partial gate up in the barn. Tried finding it with a manure fork. The manure packed dry tight I opted to make a new brace. Will have to clean this area the barn with the forked manure bucket on the 1618 case skid steer. Hmm, haven’t used that loader bucket in some time. I wonder if it’ll remember how to move all that messy crap while I watch for the old brace. Don’t want it damaging the manure spreader.
Not much of a day off. While I had managed to scratch one job off my list I spotted I added two more to the same list. I can’t say I’m making any headway. BGKC.

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Paula said...

We had some nice rain here today too. Much appreciated. Yes lots of grocery stores do sell tee shirts now.