Thursday, October 22, 2009

Falls colors

Our colors continuing a slow color change. I can't remember a longer lasting beautifully colorful autumn. May the trees shed their summer foliage in their own sweet time without weather's often combining heavy fall rains and pressing winds to what the trees already normally do.
I remember Halloween’s wading through mountains of colorful dry leaves. This may not be so this year. Along with such behaviors came local radio announcements and cautions telling kids not to play in the leaves raked to the town and village curbs. Stressed even more strongly were motorists to not drive their vehicles through piled leaves in the streets. That was “Once Upon a Time” over WJOR radio, my home town. Hoe do I remember this?
I was once a Radio celebrity during those days I Charter fished Lake Michigan. During those days I prerecorded Lake Michigan fishing updates three times a week. Consequently I was often asked to join the radio breakfast club when I hadn’t a early morning scheduled chartered fishing trip. I sometimes reminded the listening audience with these as well as other cautionary announcements like: Spring’s suggestion “School’s out watch for children everywhere playing anywhere.” or Fall’s cautionary change, “Often driving to work in the dark, watch out for children waiting at their school buss stops.”
Gosh! Have I forgotten how much fun I had during my fishing days.
If I can have Tom’s help for a little while, I need to move the scales, and all the paraphernalia what went with them. Capable handling the rest myself, I next want to hot wire that rebuilt gate we’d hung just the other day.
Written before I had stepped out of my happy home.
Written after entering my happy home. :^)
Oh Lawd, stepping out of the house the trees colors had dramatically changed over night. Such color, though muted, seeing them through the rain. Trying to picture them today would have been a waste of time. Give me a little sunshine before the colors are blown away. I’ll show ya’s and including a couple pics for my journal. Please don’t let the winds come up and blow them away as they were about noon today.
Yup, we got the scale moved. Then alone I cleaned the wheels and mounted a tire on the spare rim. Have a line on a floatation tire and rim to check out. Sure’d like to find a salvageable unit. I hates fixing tires when I have to, in other words under pressure!
Getting dark an hour early again. Coming in I feel headachy, the house slightly chilled, likely do to the high humidity. The rattlers take I write this waiting out my hour. I had my doubts for awhile most the afternoon. Seems this ‘puter was invaded by a worm. Determined and using a couple aliases I managed to work my way through this cussed machine and side handedly restored my operating systems gradually back to the last day of my original setup. Whew! What a relief. BGKC

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Adirondackcountrygal said...

We are at peak color here in upstate NY. Mostly yellows this year, but still very pretty. Rain today..