Wednesday, October 28, 2009

coffee rules

So, you like your coffee. I found this while researching another topic. Finding this first I liked the art work and secondly the article has a bit of (no right answer) quiz involved along with it. So, if you like your blankety blank coffee try filling the missing blanks and lets see what we get? Enjoy…..
RULE NO. 1 is about making coffee. To get all its rich and satisfying flavor, use a heaping tablespoonful for every cup.
RULE NO. 2 is about drinking coffee. The buoyant lift it gives you is too good to [blank1] by drinking it only once a day. It [blank2] concentration. It helps you think more quickly and clearly. It actually [blank3] you when you're [blank4]ed. These are [blank5] you want at midday and in the evening. And if you're like 97 people out of 100, you don't [blank6] to worry about sleeping, for the lift lasts only about two hours.
Had a most interesting day. As I had mentioned I something to do with the last 1850 Ollie. So first thing this morning I managed to find what was wrong with the fueling system. So simple. The very first primary fuel line was plugged with a bug. Jeepers creepers a bug had plugged the fuel line. Yes, I said it twice! How a bug get into the fuel line?
A power cord run out and the HD battery charger employed we finally got the mechanical beast running. Running it stumbled a couple times on air bubbles in the fuel system without shutting down. That poor old tractor having not run in such a long time we left it run while we prepared a place to park it neared the shop for the TLC it has so desperately needed for the last three/four years. Amidst this activity between Tom and I hustling to bring the move about in a reasonable amount of time, a line of air hoses were run out to the tractor. The tractor tilted for a year now, we’d thought we had maybe only one shot at airing that tire and then moving the tractor before we lost that tire if we hadn’t already lost it.
The fuss has been all about a couple leaking rear tire inner tubes leaking calcium chloride, thus the rims were/are shot. It’s been since the middle the last winter we’ve been waiting for new rear wheels, rims and rim mounting blocks(?). During this summer last a pair of extremely good looking 38” tires and inner tubes were purchased. Also involved is moving the rear wheels out which is beginning to look rather easy as compared to the problems I expect widening the front axel. We get this mechanical critter properly standing on four sound rims and tires I expect the rock shaft cover will have to come off for an internal inspection of the lever operating linkage for the three point lift. I could bet on the linkage the problem the failure the three point lift. Other concerns are minor.
Moving the tractor had me worried for a couple moments when I found the clutch frozen and stuck. It was a very interesting moment upon my part idling the engine down as close to a stall as I dared and my going for a 1st low direct/low hydraulic gear. Imagine my delight when The gears messed and working the clutch pedal up and down the tractor was moving and the clutch was seemingly disengaging and engaging as I took the machine for a short drive about the farm-yard. The steering was stuck. A little whipping the steering wheel back and forth the wheels became easier to steer.
What fluid remain in the tire My dragging all the equipment out, Ray spear headed the removal of the last remaining 10/12 gallons salty water. The hub was loosened before the close of our working day.
Successes becoming the order of the day with Ray on the hammer, my standing with my balancing act one foot the rim and the other upon the tire as need be, I got a new tire mounted on that welded together replacement wagon wheel. Whoray! The day had shaped up nicely. Replacing Mr. Roger’s wheel off the hay wagon for the new mounted tire on welded wheel I experienced one tense wheel for a moment or two. While I was jacking up the wagon axel spinning the wheel because I was along side it I thought I were hearing a brand new air leak coming some where from the old tires tread. What the… I turned the wheel purposely the air leek blasting never graced my hand. Looking up I saw the cause of the air leak’s sound. I catalpa tree leaf had fallen between the hay wagons planks making that momentary heart wrenching sound of a tire going flat. Releieved Mr. Roger’s gets his tractor tire back first thing in the morning. Whoray!

Pumping fluid out of bad tire on a junk rim, of the last Foxfire Oliver needing TLC.

The other side of the same 1850 Oliver.

The new 38” wheels , rims, and hardware replacements for the 34: rims presently on the last 1850 Oliver.


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Paula said...

Speaking of coffee I like vanilla iced coffee from Mc Donald's. A medium cost $2.15 which I think is too high for a tigh wad like me. On the other hand I deserve it so I had one to sip on at the ranch this morning. John doesn't drink coffee at all as his mother used to put castor oil in coffee to get him to swallow it when he was a kid.