Friday, October 16, 2009


Just what I need, some weather guessers talking some frapping snow delivery. That'd put the frosting on the just single handily destroyed Bambi Hilton down in the hollow yesterday. I started my last haying of the season. If its all the same let mother nature send it all down to Dixie. They’ve been to long deservent the stuff they alone let us take for granted. Them Dixie red necks don’t believe in global warming anyway. They’ve all got just the hot air to take care of it, watering it down. }:^))
I so soundly slept last night I missed putting another log on the fire at the most critical midnight hour. Gladly woke up to see another day to one cooled off house. Any cooler I’d been sheepishly putting on some inside out wooly animal hides, whether they be alive or otherwise.
As achy as I feel in this downing weather I ain’t at all happy all I’ve still got to do before winter sets in. An honest Indian summer would be welcomingly handy right now!
After spending a good morning here checking making little fixes the fences and haying the ladies without being mobbed I had a good morning here. Afternoon found me in front of shop finishing up a gate repair. Ray had gotten for me a couple planks for the two top damaged boards. The gate a foot short for the installation on a newly replaced gate post. What to do? I removed to remove the bottom board. New boards used top and bottom I used the good parts of the two broken to splice the three one foot short intermediates. The gate may not look brand new, but it’s tough ready to go a few more years service. The bull pen electrified gates working out well, for them, I believe I’m going to give this gate the same treatment. I guess I might also better take pictures of the finished treatments for posterity and how to if needed by someone else elsewhere.
Getting in at the on time hour for my rattlers, might have bought me a bit of true relaxing time at the key board buying me some well earned time to enjoy a tasty brew. That Seagram’s peach flavored fuzzy navel is taste bud and nerve settling delight. The balance of flavor between the fruit and hops makes for a truly tasty treat….Hic….
Making a cyber visit I found turtles having trouble swimming against the wind. Sunflowers are mowen for grass to grow in Tx.. They have frost in Tx.? I discovered I’m not the only poor soul to cheap to buy the cards and pay the postage to mail out seasonal greetings. Wow! Do I ever feel better! ceramic cats don’t eat much nor make messes. “Niacin …… to boost …….. good cholesterol.” Now I didn’t know that one???
A quote, “Friday it was to my primary doctor for a female test, today it was San Antonio for a bone density test, tomorrow its to the hospital for a mammogram, and Wednesday its to Bandera to the blood doctor. Wouldn't you think they could figure out a way for a person to just take a whole day and have everything done at once and at the same place? I used to hear senior citizens say if it wasn't for all the doctor visits we wouldn't have any place to go.” }:^D I liked this one! LMAO
Saw likenesses of Meany and Emily cows. Meany I read has attitude.

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