Saturday, October 10, 2009

I remember when…..

…….the loved one looked pretty good to me all bent over scrubbing the kitchen floor, and even better later should I been behind her watching her hand beat a chocolate cake for a baked dessert.
Feeling sorry for myself talking to someone else……I’m feeling ashamed of myself. The following words I took back what I had written somebody else. “I could use a more dependable ride or driver up here.”
Rethinking my internal strife, we've really got three/maybe four/five part timers. Hmm, I think I need to study this further. Make up some kind of a by the day and hour availability list for loco runs.
Once I got it moving it was round up time, all day today, all three farms to gather up the calves for weaning. There’s going to be a lot of bawling tonight…. Thankfully the longest hike out was but a quarter mile; and, that was the last pasture’s gathering.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, with all the four-wheelers we’ve got around here what was I doing walking? So much rain the mud’s 4” to 6” deep on the level. Hardly fit terrain for an EzGo or a Cushman two-by and the Polaris Ranger’s still laid up with front hub repairs.
The worst part was the weighty feeling in my chest about the time I had to give it up. Three instant nitro’s under the tongue were like nothen. Home six more nitro’s from a brand new bottle, having some zip, I hope it was the stimuli I needed to level off my uncomfortable feeling. The house so warm it had the sand man must have been waiting for behind the door my walking in. Oh boy, may I blame the tears on sleepy eyes? I admit, I am shot, tired, pooped, and more than hungry enough to eat the an ear off each two frisky bulls in a head on clash. Meanwhile, I wondered if my hour’s wait will ever come to an end. BGKC.


Paula said...

Sorry you weren't feeling great today. Hope tomorrow will be better.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Hi Fern, I have been neglectful of my blogging. Hope you and Frieda are doing ok.. Rest of family as well..