Monday, October 19, 2009


Ray had asked me, “Aren’t you the least bit annoyed by your Herr Mostess’s indiscretions?”
“Sure I am.” I admitted.
Unable to leave it alone he went on and on, “You got that guy down the road always stopping in to see her. Then there’s the guy across the road always coming over. And, how about that self styled delivery man stopping by you house every day. And you ain’t doing nothing.”
“I will someday” I assured him.
“Then what are you waiting for?” He asked.
“Well!” I told him, “A much older guy!”
Out early I checked on last night’s deer kill in the neighborhood. Parking Ugly shy a clear view from the lucky household, sneaking around to survey the kill for either a quarter or backstrap offering my goofy buddy Scooby Doo the friend that I had thought he was, had given me away. Curses, foiled by the Loopy Doo dog. I just might ask him for all my back scratches back?
From there I moseyed over to the Miller Yoder spread to check on Tom and see if he could be of any help to me today. Seeing they were busy fixing between swine pens and installing positive locking hardware on the stable’s roll-a-way doors. Oh well most of what I had to do today I in the end handled it by myself this time.
Without explanations I took care all what the crew hadn’t gotten done yesterday in my absence; and, by myself at that. Both mowing machines are cleaned and parked waiting for coverings. The Schultz Ollie is freed to serve in another capacity if needed. I lucked out finishing my morning work by 1:00PM. Ate lunch and myself ready to go, I had to backtrack for the interruption what had my mind forget fuel for baling. Once a-field some of the hay was near to dry but still to wet for dry keeping Regardless the trouble, yesterday’s raking was not for naught. I had that hay field bailed within three hours’ hustle. Then brought to the field the JD loader tractor. Ray finally showing up and I had (we had) all the hay hauled in and wrapped save for the closing bale I need to transport tomorrow to close and seal the last haylage cell. It was sundown and some when I walked in tonight. My wad shot, It’s been all I could handle from behind heavy eyes to write this much. BGKC from Shorthorn country.
Now if I can just grab a few hours to finish bringing in the firewood before that stuff becomes a field traveling hazard this winter.


Paula said...

Maybe Her Mostess is showing you what is good for the goose is good for the gander, huh? lol Awww we all know she loves only you.

Donna said...

Ha!!! I love Paula.