Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mufflers and pictures

I’ve got Ugly a pair of new mufflers. Ray wasted over a half a day looking in a half dozen places and I still didn’t have’em. I swear finding parts of any kind is becoming a thing of the past. I made one phone call, got a recommendation, and checked it out. Jumped into Ugly and went to a muffler shop and near bought everything I needed in one stop. Why? I got fed up calling these so called handy dandy cut rate auto parts stores Liking an “Auto Pluss,” or an “Auto Won,” or a “Parts Guess.” I think my reader gets the idea the places I speak of. I tried calling them. They got to have a part number because they can’t look it up? I simplify my need asking for a muffler what’s 27?“long with 2 ¼” inlet and outlet. I even look the mufflers up on the internet. I give’em the part number and I’m told, “We can’t use that number?” or “The warehouse doesn’t stock those mufflers?” or “The warehouse doesn’t carry that brand?” What the H___ why did they tell us to look up the numbers these products and then haven’t even a simple minded enough smarts to find and sell me what I want. Dummies!!!!!
The new driver tire is here for the 951 Ford. The old rotten side walled tire’s off. Ray been cutting and fit an appropriate wash in the rim for the inner-tube’s valve stem. Kid came up from down the hill and hand dug me post hole for a 13” diameter treated pine (old utility) gate post. Now all I got to do is repair the gate and drill a couple holes for a couple homemade gate hinges.
Was asked tonight why I hadn’t put a muffler on ugly. Simple. I couldn’t anywhere near the shop to even use a power cord or air line. When Ray homesteads he homesteads. Between wheel chairs and special cars and carts, his equipment do take up a lot of floor or drive area…err…areas.
How about some pictures?
Finally, yes I say finally! The salt feeder place a few yards from the water fountain, somebody saw me pour in a bucket of mixed salt. It only took one lady to discover it, and another lady to see the first one and they all make a beeline for it. Reminds me of a sears and sawbuck January basement white sale.
Used this 3400 Ford loader-backhoe for digging up a Ash tree stump.
The stump loosened, Help is on the way in the form of one 4-180 articulated White tractor. It’s traveling companion the EzGo car carrying the chain the 4-180 will pull from the hole that stump will leave behind.
This is the stump, upside down, a 7’ diameter entanglement of a single Ash tree’s roots.
One of two twenty foot diameter firing’s the Ash tree tops and limbs what were left over after all of last weeks wood cutting and splitting fun extravaganza.
Well they may not be a lot of pictures nor the right ones. I admit goofing up some pictures what more likely should have been here? May I say I’ll try harder next time. Meanwhile, BGKC.

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