Tuesday, October 13, 2009

OK I missed a Day

Well, not totally. I lived it, just didn’t include it in last night’s urinal entry. I woke late and laid around even later. When I finally got started, while Ray and Tom went back to work on the 6X6 Ranger I commenced to take a gate apart. The Sunday work day was cut short all of us having accepted a dinner invitation via Tom’s family. We all had a most refreshing afternoon/evening our side having to cut it short for evening chores whilst it were still light.
Damn, damned, damned it, a wannabe maple tree (box-elder), having rotted through at the ground, had weakly come down sometime yesterday. Now by an act of nature I’ve got more wood cutting in my immediate future. The tree instead of falling clear it came down parallel to the road squishing a whole chunk of woven wire fence. Lucky me, if I haven’t already enough to keep me occupied more work is dropped on me. :^) Might know, three days ago two other chunks of box-elders had come down in the hollow’s barnyard. Things happen in threes? This windfall the third tree down I hope it is the last.
And I’ll bet I get to butcher this tree entirely upon my own. This for I won’t have the same Lady supervision I had seen some of the other neighborhood guys felling, cutting, and splitting some Butternut Creek bottom’s dead ash trees. That was a site to behold, grown boys Loopily supervised this very Saturday morning last until they could be trusted doing it right on all their combined owns.
Ho boy, have I ever been getting bad mouthed. All the ladies effected have been bringing me their words of discontent to the fence’s boundary. They been getting as close to me as they may, to complain, nag and bad mouth me as they possibly can ever since my involvement in Saturday’s weekend weaning start. There’s only so much bad mouthing a man can stand or take. And this enough said about the ladies ear bending tactics.
I’ve been blessed with good neighbors. Why only this very morning while I was looking for solutions to the removal of the remaining two trees I received the call, our loco tree cutting supervisor had sent me her most ardent trainee. Picking up Tom on my way home, an individual I have been tutoring in the finer points of wood cutting and splitting, and myself taking it up myself to cleverly take the JD loader equipped tractor to handle, steady, lift, and move the heavy trunk and branches of that fallen tree as needed. Between the three of us properly equipped big boys we had that tree whittled almost completely down to stove size. The need of an empty wood hauling trailer and the splitter it’ll be well taken care of. Remarkably I had never lost use of the fences electrical part, still working fine. I have to make one little tree species change, rather than a box-elder it turned out to be a mulberry tree. A mulberry wood pile already started this very Spring all that wood stacked together should be seasoned out in about four years for heating‘s use.
Now back to looking at things in another light. I do believe I have been called a “dern grumpy ol knucklehead pharts.” WELL! I represent that!! And I shall let it pass for the moment, however long that may take or last.
The previous words written Saturday.
These words for Monday written Tuesday.
So what’d I do Columbus day? Nothing spectacular! I didn’t even give Columbus a thought all day. What I have done is decided that cut up tree is not a Mulberry tree either. It is/was in my present thought a fruit tree of some sort. Other than getting the trash out last night I don’t remember from nothing.
It’s Tuesday, I slept 12 hours last night. Then hung around home all day. Putting up a front I can’t imagine why it should have seemingly taken me all day to unload the wood hauler? That done wood hauler needed a thorough cleaning, and that goes for some time. A year maybe. The wood hauler unloaded the bottom was covered in part under old cardboards. There was ample amounts of molds and funguses. What a yucky mess. And because, Handy, had used the trailer for hauling away used building materials all the bed cleanings had to go into feed-sack trash-bags. Nails can be a cattle nuisance ingested or stepped on. Once the wood was off the wood hauler I used one of Frieda’s kitchen spatulas to scrap the hauler’s floor and clean out the corners. That spatula is so tough I could use it for a trowel laying brick during days, serving pizza evenings, and dishing up my late night ice-cream treats. When I had finished I had also scraped off/up a cubic foot of composted earth. I used that dirt to fill a dip in the lawn.
Then to make it a big day, I had also pulled up all the remaining electric fence posts. The two remaining corner posts will come out with the tractor loader its next use.
Watching the weather, when the next string of nice days descends upon us I’ll be back a-field making more hay. Slow cooling off as the weather is, It’ll likely take two days to wilt down enough for baling and wrapping. BGKC.

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Paula said...

John's ladies aren't badmouthing him. They think he is responsible for the green grass.