Tuesday, October 27, 2009

yesterday and today

Two to long days in a whole row. I can’t seem to finish everything. We, almost anything. After making the replacement scale cable yesterday I called it quits so late I was in mo mood to fight with its installation. The scale reassembly was top drawer for me this morning taking all my morning and a bushel basket full of tools to do it. All back together and trying it out it was reading nice and close, closer than it had for a very long time.
Seeing Tom he had me grind him his hog feed corn.
Then for something new I was invited to start the last 1850 Ollie acquisition. Fooled with that stubborn engine for at least a couple hours, even replacing the fuel filters, all to no avail. We’ve got it down to either a plugged primary fuel line or the lift fuel pump has given out. Guess I’ll be playing with it some more tomorrow.
Two wagon wheels ready to go I’m ashamed to write I haven’t mounted a tire on either one of the rims in two days. Got to do this soon. My neighborhood’s Mr. Roger’s will be needing his front tractor tire any day now. I replace its occupied place on the hay wagon’s hub I can take Mr. Roger’s wheel and tire back to him his tractor.
The issues involved in the tree trimming trimmings along side the hay field have been resolved. One of the perpetrators came by today owning up to the unfinished tree trimming doings. The mess will be cleaned up in the next few days.

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