Friday, October 2, 2009

Knowen her Limit

Frieda’d gone shopping yesterday. Her money burning a hole in her purse she took all I had to keep it company with her and her’s. I sure glad she’d had a good time. Everything working out just fine. I’d found a couple new friends In Tom‘s family. One of them willing to drive into the places I’m either a-feared, uncomfortable, or just plainly become to unnerved to drive; and, that’s just around this inner Flint area.
One of the things she brought home were a big package of fresh tree ripened Michigan grown plumbs. They’s so good If’en I lost myself control I loose all control if’en ya all known’s my saying.
Yup the money she took with her worked out just about right getting her home halfway between lunch and supper. Don’t want to say it, but I am, yesterdays fruity boxed lunch hardly a looked back on pre-plumb welcoming feasting. And supper, The main entry was some sort of a contrived cardboard supposed meat(?) offering. Thankfully the peas were the best part of that meal. They might have even better if’en I’d had a proper challenging pea eaten seventeenth century knife to have gone along with them.
What other produce delights she’s brought home she hasn’t ‘fessed up to just yet. My coming in so dog dragging arsed tired she merely pumped me enough with question I’d last awake long enough for one them pre-mentioned packaged awful suppers. Yuk!
So tired I sort of snoozed off an on all day. Did some readying up in here. Managed to temporarily put some storage tubs into the unfinished room. I even started scrubbing the kitchen floor. Half of it’s looks pretty good. Down there on my knees I remembered I had no idea I’d be in such a prayer mood fifty-some years after I had only gotten down on one knee way back when. The worst part? I’m not sure? Was it the punishing after the yes I had gotten for the question I had asked back then or the most current painful getting backup upright because this floor needs such a real close personal scrubbing.
So while it rained an inch starting the wee hours this morning it had relatively kept up the pace all day. Had I spent more time outside I’d likely come back in soaking wet looking like a wrinkled prune. Still, my wands in spic’n’span water I’m looking like I’ve got dishpan hands.
To break up the monotony of staying in for the most part I leisurely looked after my laundry, and put the produce in the freezer Frieda had brought home yesterday. Not putting everything in the freezer the fresh tree ripened plumbs could prove a curse tomorrow morning. Oh dear! BGKC.

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Paula said...

Good you have the new found friend to drive where you don't feel comfortable driving. Wish I had one to drive me certain places in San Antonio.