Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day’s to short

No the matter what I do to buy myself time I’m still running further and further behind. I got Tom out to help as well as Handy. That was before I had even found out the bulls had been up to no good. So they keep Handy and I busy for the first part of the morning. It was the second part of the morning Handy and I hung that waiting gate. It was 2:00PM before I got away from shop related jobs, leaving undone more what’ll need catching up on in the morning if not it’ll take a couple more days. When I went home Handy went home also. Far as I know Tom stuck around the shop giving Ray a hand. Tom’s a prince.
2:20PM lunch over, I was greasing that old AC#7 hayrack. I don’t know how many zerk fittings it has in it, but I know it’s got a lot of them. Before I was done greasing it I might have used a pound of grease. Now, that’s a lot of sliding. 2:35PM I was pulling out of my yard, a couple minutes later I was pulling into the hay field. Driving the old Allis Chalmers WD45 it was about 4:30PM before my ass got numb fitting that old steel tractor seat. 5:00PM on the dot the dew started to set. I can tell ya it was real sudden like, one moment the tractor’s tires were rolling dry, the next moment they was coming up wet. Made no difference though, I just kept on racking my hay. Somewhere within the last half hour my racking that hay I moved my butt. Then it hurt like Hell my trying to reseat it in an area it’d no longer fit, all that blood running down there swelling my bottom beyond anymore fitting that by that time a two face seat fitting my ass one moment, no room to let it sit fit it again this day. By this then I was not only made uncomfortable trying to sit, when the dew took to set I felt a chi…chi…chill. It was about that time I was wishing I hadn’t worn my well broken in barnyard tuxedo so drafty it could be called holey.
By this damp hour late into the afternoon leaning on evening a few more rounds if I wasn’t racking the hay for drying, I was racking it putting two windrows together for baling tomorrow. Tomorrow it gets baled ready regardless the moisture content. Rain expected it’s hays got to be less then 50% and hopefully about 35% . As anxious I am to finish up the haying I just noses the hay’s just right for baling and white plastic gift wrapping. What could go wrong?
Son of a gun! If I were to list what I didn’t get done today, it’d rival the list to do things I just wrote out day before last. Darn, I’ve been in for an hour long enough for a supper and to much comfortable warmth making me sleepy and droopy eyed. Shorthorn country has got to do without me rat now. BGKC.

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