Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wet Wet Wet

Rain continues to entertain me today. Every time it’s taken a few minutes to clear and dry up, the moment I step our the door here it comes again. Had enough dry time to bring a couple dry arm full’s of firewood in. Had enough dry time to venture out to find at least one tin bucket wit lid for ashes. Had all the dry time within these walls to shovel out the woodstove. These were the first ashes of the new heating season I’d carried out.
I had thought about finishing washing the kitchen floor. I even thought long and hard enough, with the encouragement of the sun coming out, I managed to come up with an excuse to go dig up a stump. About now take note of all the up’s I have spoken of. I was about to finally came to a downer. That stump dug about 80% the circumference around it, it started to rain again. I can’t take to much rain anymore as I’m feared I shall melt, particularly if I should be found to be made of either sugar or salt. And more importantly I don’t want to weaken my immunity defenses what with the possibility of either running into the flu bug or the just plain old Michigan crud.
Comfortably nested in my recliner typing this dribble it seems to have quit raining again. Seems now I need to get off and on to hay the ladies down in the hollow. Hmm, I might even carry in a couple more arm loads firewood. I don’t want over do it as I’m still fishing….err….wishing for a couple uncommitted days to install at least one new front door assembly on the front of this house. A process I don’t know if Tom has ever participated in? It just could work out to be a most unusual learning experience for one or both of us.
Heading out to do the evening chores it was pleasant enough. The moments I’d cleaned….err….dried the tractor seat off and the tractor standing between the gates to the hay-yard it come the rain again. Committed I paid no mind to the wet stuff doing what had to be done. A bale for my ladies, they were up here before I had gotten out with the second bale. I’m glad they weren’t horses. They’d been gone and likely in the next county by now. Cows are so much easier to handle.
This then, was my lazy day. BGKC.


Donna said...

I know what you're talking about on the cows being easier to handle. Today Little Sir, the young steer, lay down to take a nap; while he was sleeping, his mom and the others grazed their way out of sight. He awoke and found himself alone right behind my house and started bawling. I went out and he ran to meet me, and I led him to his mom.

Show me a horse that will do that. Not to mention how they tear up fences and eat the pasture too short.

Paula said...

Message from Alice: She says tell you to come on over to Facebook.