Friday, October 9, 2009

“You stink”…..

……she’d said. What a Hell of a spouses greeting first thing in the morning, “You stink!” Not ‘Good morning, Dear.’ nor “How’d you sleep, lover.?” No pleasantries, no endearments of any kind. Just “You stink!” I get no respect even for doing good deeds for the neighbors.
Well! I‘d guess I did. The offensive odor I had on about me I found I couldn’t stand it myself and I had even left my bibs hanging outside far enough under the eve they didn’t get wet with our over night’s rain. Sheesh, PU all that come from me? I hardly thought so, yet when I was reaching around the make shift barrier, between me and the picked up guest from one of the neighbor’s garden‘s, my releasing the triggered lock on a live trap. How sweet it was I hadn’t gotten any that skunk’s putrid otherwise unspoken answer to leave me alone on me let alone all over me. Oh the precaution? When first looking at my charge it wasn‘t one I was familiar with.
So it was needless to say my laundry needed doing. And, doing it I used a whole box baking soda with the standard scoop of full load soap. May I report everything come out smelling nice and fresh.
Oh! One more wee bit my getting even with our city cousins dropping off a litter of house cats by my the wrong side my mail box, That bit of barrier I had mentioned earlier when I held it out by my arms outstretched left and looking around about the end right end I saw two well placed in stereo yellow squirts covering not one but two areas as big as stop signs. Not particularly anxious to carry that feed sack back home with me, instead of depositing that bag in a most handily placed trash can I opted instead to hang that souvenir inside a very handy park outhouse as a work or art and inspiration all my shifty shity city cousins.
Moving on today’s living report it has been an exceptionally slow rainy day and that goes for the rain as well.
The lovingest part going to Grand Rapids night before last was all the children, missing the one, gathered around Frieda and myself in an unwarned Pizza Hut. We raised so much family Hell we laughed together until there wasn’t a dry eye in the funny roofed house. If it weren’t for our being such dedicated good paying customers John Law wasn’t called in to quill the our raucous behavior. Lawd, it was good seeing all the kids, almost the whole set in one place at one time. And most importantly Bless my daughter Filly for taking her parents the distance to see the troubled one. ‘Twas one Hell of a trip I shan’t forget anytime soon. So very helpless to help one of our own in trouble we all had resigned ourselves to the seemingly inevitable. For the rest BGKC.
PS: Speaking for both of us, ladies. We thank your kindnesses for your words of understanding during our troubled time.

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