Thursday, October 15, 2009

What to do?

Son of a gun, it’s the middle of October and already have three buckets of ashes to dump on a lime needy field somewhere. The heating season has got to be here. Are we going to have Indian summer? I don’t even remember a despicable couple/three days nasty uncomfortable freezing weather? We don’t, my full enjoyment of the fall and autumn seasons will leave me feeing cheated all the way up and listening for the guy the night he flies around the world making quick pit stops just so his charges may crap on those of us naughty and undeserving, dirty old men! OMG. I need to write another story. A fun imaginative unreal piece.
Now that the dribble’s written, what am I going to do today? Critical hay making was seriously interrupted yesterday. Getting nowhere with disc repair I thinks it needs be returned to shop where Ray may supervise repairs while I may retake to field haying.
Hmm are these last few lines just another place to be looked into besides in a good nights sleep. Don’t know what it is about sleepen solutions to repairs come to mind at these times? Only, in my case I got this extra place right here in my self styled urinal (oops….err….journal) to make written observations!
I’ve figured the disk out. The disks may have cut groves in that one gang’s axel The discs getting caught upon those same groves, those groves have got to be welded full before all the discs may slid the axel’s length to tighten. Yup, that whole disk has got to go to shop.
Enjoying lunch I’d set a couple lines down. Bt the time I got to the disc Tom already had it all apart. So, we loaded up the parts what needed welding and refitting. At the shop Ray showed up. My not needed I left Tom and Ray to making fixes and cut out for the compulsory haying. Did a good job of half the hay field cut before I were called back in to help reassemble the disk. Turned out a productive morning. Disk fixed and hay mowned. Lunch put away it was time to see what I’d make of the afternoon.
I have managed to have mowed the whole hay field and parked the machinery in front of the shop for cleaning before putting it under cover. This evening walking into the heat of the house by the woodstove’s influence with the strangest urge to go into a hibernation’s mode. Leftovers for supper were better than the same dish made last night.
Watched the evening news and be darnedifiknow what was said. Oh yeah, some Colorado kid was reported seen climbing into a balloon’s basket to be found after a balloon chase, the youngster found in an attic box. Having had seven children of our own, I had been there, lived something like that.

The drab autumn scenery I was blessed to see while I cut hay he last two days.

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Paula said...

The trees changing colors are so pretty. We don't see a lot of that.