Friday, January 15, 2010

1st things 1st

Going back one day I didn’t write for just plain unadulterated meanness. I had things to do again my better nature but such is the way of a farmers life. I like to wore myself out getting that loaded wagon and tractor I’d stuck day before yesterday unstuck yesterday. Had to air a tractor tire. Just what I need a flat tire to fix. At least that tire ain’t a driver.
Like I had written all I had to do was wait overnight, climb aboard that old 4020 with cold tires just take and put that loaded wagon right where I wanted it. That old 4020 warmed up, in gear, clutch out, that wagon had decided it just weren’t gonna move easy. Well, that was the plan anyway. Plan “A” having gone down settling in the potential snowing slush, plan “B” was called for.
Disconnecting the two pieces I shackled and pined a snatch strap between the two impossible wheeled contrivances and redid the putting tractor in gear, letting the clutch out, and without (Truth, I didn’t know if I could handle another failed plan, be-known?) The slack sharply taken up, that wagon moved, to plan “B.” Halleluiah, I’d been don. The wagon moving I did my best herding that, no longer stubbier wagon, wagon into the somewhat close position as to how I wanted it parked. The only other job aside from the chores for an under the weather man wasn’t done yet. I had to put all my stuff away and park tractor with the afflicted tire down by the barn a bit handier to the compressor which needs its belt tightened. Yeah, right, just what I want to do? Another day, okay. Okay!
1-15-2010 Same-o’grind
For help today I enlisted Tom’s able assistance. The grind went well today. No foul-ups like last Monday. Smooth moving penguin style walking around out her on an icy driveway from tractor start, through grind and mix, to putting the equipment away and delivering the goods.
It wasn’t even to bad our having to air up the JD tire. Going flat overnight I might better take my chances, back sliding this cussed cold, to take tractor and fix tire.
I finished up the last of the sudex silage this afternoon. I maybe into hauling more in tomorrow? Oh heck. I’m sure of it!
And during all this day’s activities the weather has turned to crap. 40* temps are making a mess of the snow turning it into slush. Whooppee! If it turn back cold soon, I’ll be paddling mud.
No telling which way the weather will be tomorrow Murphy’s sure to catch up with me. Why. For one important reason, it only takes one, I failed to tote in a couple day’s fire wood yesterday and today. And I likely will get myself to soon pooped enough to push my exertion’s luck tomorrow. Oh well, the foyer….err….woodshed is filled to the ceiling for just such emergencies. And opps, there’s a day’s forth firewood laying on the deck. I guess were set enough for a couple day’s relaxing part of my chores.
Lets see, I’ll finish my laundry duties, fix supper, and the rest of the evening will be mine. Right now I’m thinking about an after supper nap.
The seasons seem a little mixed up. I flattened a mosquito while eating supper. Frieda thinks it might of come out of the firewood.
Frieda said something today, “I’ve always felt safe with you. You happen to have the meanest look about you.”
I don’t know from where she brought that statement up from? Then I got to wondering just how did she mean that? Then again if it weren’t really a compliment?? BGKC.


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Paula said...

Awww I would take anything Frieda says as a compliment. She stayed with you, didn't she?