Monday, January 18, 2010

Ho Hum Day

This is what I woke up to this morning. A delightfully scenic horror frost created by a fog rising from the earth in sub freezing temperatures. We only see one or two of these Jack Frost creations a year with Mother Nature supplying the artists materials if we are lucky.
To the naked eye all the trees look as though they were created in in precious silver.
I promise I didn’t do anything striking today unless procrastinating counts. Biggest activities, how shall I list them? Straight-out or some tongue in cheek exaggerations. Went down to the barn with some kitchen contributions for the barn cats. I broke into another silage cell, in the middle this time. There has to be a first time for everything. The plasticity wrap on three bales had been compromised. So, I might just as well break in the weakened spot and save what I could one more bale either side the three bales. I disturbed two of them today. That’ll help get me back into the exceptionally good silage. I counted bales today: 90 4’x4’ silage bales and 80 4’x5’ dry bales. Going to have to find some more. Curses.
Frieda’s got to see a Doctor for a good health report before her operation. She drug her feet all day until I had finally lost the whole day for myself. Frieda getting ready always includes a shower. I hang around for that should she need a hand. I don’t want her slipping and falling. O maybe my reader has an idea what I’m up against. She fussed and fumed until it were to late for me to accomplish anything for myself around anywhere. Oh well, I could probably use the extra day’s rest….hey?!
Five days out of milk. Gone without beer only yesterday. It’d become imperative I go shopping. Asking Frieda for a shopping list, her just having come out of the shower, keeping my eyes and my pen upon the paper grocery list, I protected my eyes sight after-shock. While she spoke I itemized her dictated needs: Bread, MILK, butter, BEER, ice-cream, another tall bottle Day Quill, some oranges and apples. Gotta laugh at Della the cat. Some-where’s between the MILK and the BEER she come up to me, my feet, l;ooked up catching my eyes and loudly voiced her demand, “Get me some tuna fish.” Her meow was to the point and very persuasive. Letting her see me write it down, satisfied with herself she walked away. Animals. I’ll tell ya……
As long as I was headed for the Crossroads I called Handy. Needing a few things himself he came aboard. A few things for each of us, yeah sure, we both filled a 20 gallon tub with groceries. Did I mention I picked up a few more things than I had listed.

Here is another picture of many. As to how many figurines there are, I’ve no idea? The owner for that manner has no idea how many she has? Her sons hadn’t brought them all out. What were displayed covered six full sheets of plywood or one and one-half the walls of her living-room.
Well, this is it for another day in my Shorthorn country. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Okay thanks for the answer about the figurines. Thanks for sharing them. Don't you always buy more then you intended at the grocery store? Cats always act as if you are indebted to them. Bless their hearts, what would we do witout them?