Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Up Late

Wake a wakey at half past morning. I must have had more of a productive day than I had imagined yesterday. I don’t know where I was when I drifted off into ZZZZZZZ-land. That was a goof-us thing to say. I know exactedly where I had put my body! It’s just that I don’t remember where my mind was when I drifted off into dreamland? Of boy, did I ever dream an impossible dream. Had I learned cheating first I’d never have graduated Medical school anyway. But in my dream I had. Then not wanting to hurt anybody I could help people patients turning my back on people for hanging out with animals. Ha, I just realized animals don’t talk a body’s leg off. Yet I was a carpenter foreman for most my my younger trades career and a charter boat skipper my middle life fun fishing a lazy man’s career when his wife accused him of doing nothing anyway. It wasn’t until just recently later I’ve finally realized a brand new dreams reality. I be damned If I ain’t lived a gloriously worked life. Welp, back to more interesting daily liven life for real. (smiles)
Hey, we’ve a fresh snow. Not a lot of it. A mere dusting but the weather’s showing promise. I just happen to like snow over mud. (snicker) Everything looks so much fresher and clean.
Got Frieda to the doctor’s office for her surgery approval. Found healthy enough that hurdle has been cleared. That took all morning. Frieda insisted we eat at home. That saved me a bundle. Then it was on the road again going 11 mile west to the town from where our mail originates. Got right in and that has been taken care of. Now it is my turn to fill out some more papers and put them in the mail for tomorrow’s mail pick up. I swear the paper work consumes more time than the actual treatment (operation). Now we have to make Red Cross appointment for a reserved vampire’s services for a drawn bloody pint should she need it back during her knee surgery. Then its marking the days off the calendar till February 9th her surgery.
Needed an excuse to go grocery store for a mere couple things and gasoline at the Crossroads. It came alright in the form of a help call upon Handy’s part. He had to have filled another prescription for his mother.
Oh shucks, I forgot I’ve got laundry to do. Then I want to get back to a Louis L’Amour book published a 11 years after his death. I’m wondering are his heirs greedy or what? Anyway, it’s been difficult to put down. And, I’m not speaking to him anymore since he thoughtlessly up and died. BGKC.
Oh, almost forgot. My trying to get Doc to put his stethoscope to my ears to hear what I heard Instead Doc fixed me up with three new prescriptions to keep the ringing bells in my ears company.

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Paula said...

Good luck to Frieda with her surgery.