Sunday, January 10, 2010

Parallel topics

"Very interesting!" to quote Arty Johnson.
Up after sleeping in to six I got up looked at a couple my favorite boards and came up with this.
I stirred up the coals and threw more wood on the fire, if this qualifies for STOKEing?
Thawed some Tom's BACON for some bean soup.
As for COFFEE I've got to get me some.
Myself an admitted weird Yankee, (I like beans in my bean soup.)
I should be helping Tom some (who happened to have renewed his driver's license yesterday) cut, split, and tote some his FIREwood in today.
So, good morning everybody, have a pleasant day wherever/whatever you're doing.
Sundown has come and gone. I wound up staying inside all day with the one ten minute exception to give the ladies a hadn’t been wrapped old hay bale.
Uncomfortable within my own body’s misgivings: belly ache, cramps, runny nose, sore throat, I laid low and in addition to my regular medications I sampled some of Frieda’s cold medications. Now past my bed time I’m hungry. I’m going to eat a can of fruit cocktail. Watching for the cherry bits is liking looking forward to getting the prize out of a Cracker Jack box.
Accomplishment of the day I shoved a whole box of insignificant clippings away back into the woodstove I had used for drawing from. I’ve got the computer now. BGKC.


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