Sunday, January 24, 2010

Busy day

The damned computer a pain in the arse all of this last week and before. I think I’ve found the problem. Needing a new mouse I spent most the day trying to make this house roomy livable once more. Especially my seeing more and more room needed for an everyday wheel chair rolling around in here.
I thinks it was about 7:30 PM my finally sitting down to my supper.
As for my day, I goofed off some. For the most of it I looked for an elusive new mouse that had originally come with this cussed machine. Looking for that mouse got me into the backroom on this old house having used it for an un-glorified catchall. First problem was getting in the door which entailed my dragging some my old treasures out. While I was dragging I sorted finding all manner of old papers to either shred or burn. Having no shredder, I guess I’ll just have to run all that once pulped wood through the wood stove. while I was sorting I found a very new looking barnyard tuxedo liking Her Mostess has been wanting to go out and buy. That find saved me a whole bunch of silver. Going through a bunch of boxes I kept right on finding more fuel in the form of cardboard boxes. I found dozens and dozens of 5 ¼” floppy discs. I’d like to throw them away sure if I could down load them first. Now ain’t that lucky, I found two carefully wrapped 5 ¼” floppy drives. I found a number of old 24 channel CB’s. I aught to put one in Ugly. There’s an old printer back there that just might work again if it had a couple new ink cartridges. Two spare keyboards. There’s likely another mouse missing. Found scrub buckets, brushes, cleaning fluids, more books, extra blankets, a couple winter coats, and of course five plastic storage cells. And trim boards to finish off the bathroom. Fun fun fun. BGKC


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Paula said...

We used to have a CB in our car and truck. What was or is your handle?