Thursday, January 7, 2010

damned noise

This one come onto me evening last 250* from do north off my nose, and again this morning coming 110* and the original 250* of my nose. I’m suffering from a severe case of tinnitus. Believe my words this is the worst and loudest this personal phenomena has ever been with me. So loud there are no escapes with only one exception, sleep. It isn’t a pleasing Spring sound of peepers or crickets. I was hit with this malady this place in time with a medium high pitched whine. I may have it now, the sound I mean. It reminds me of a high speed electric motor with a bearing on the verge of going out. Most annoying!
Was a nice day for outdoor activities which I stayed with until Brother had to give it up. That’s alright I’ve plenty other things keep me busy: My firewood to bring in, chores, and worst of all sorting through all my old stuff deciding what’s worth keeping and even more so what priceless gems to throw away. There’s all my art works? Do I or do I not want to save them for my kids? Maybe some? Which ones? And then there’s just plainly accumulations of pure junk. Egad’s, the expired batteries I should return to the super market for either recycling or proper disposal. That one could really iritate me. They want to collecta dime for every battery I turn in. It’d really piss me off if they trashed them? I can do that for myself and save a piggy bank full of dimes.
And what’d I do outside today? I was half in and out of the shop with my time. Ford tractor battery hadn’t been fully revived as yet. Maybe tomorrow. Took my pen titrating oil solution out to lube the old snow blower drive chain. The pump refusing to work I opened the cap a turn and dribbled oil as best I could over it. Where I left the 4010 sitting for the winter I need stretch out a power cord for a heavy duty 110 volt tractor battery booster. Looked at need to make a new battery rake (tray) for the Tall Ollie. Primarily a summer tractor one battery aught to be enough.
Gosh it wasn’t until I got home did I realize how pretty a day it had been. I had been outdoors all day with my flaps up. Prettiest part of the day? Watching the snow fall. We may even have an inch or three accumulation. I’ve been so jealous the rest of the nation finally getting there fair share after our taking care of the white stuff so many years after years. (hehe haha hoho) As Red Button’s had said, “Strange things are happening. (haha hoho hehe)
Jeeze, at long last Frieda’s feeling a lot better with a bit of a now and then coughing spell, I’ll accept is keeping her lungs clear. Now while she’s feeling better my nose has started the running heebeegeebees!
Hope yet another picture of the ceramic village entertains.
With the exception of all I’ve forgetten for today, this is good night. Crap, I think I’ve gotten Frieda’s cold.So, I’v got to lay it down earlier than usual. BGKC.

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Paula said...

John has that ringing in his ears too. Sometime I think that is why he wants to TV on constantly to drown out the noise.