Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Okay, I wrote about giving stuff away yesterday; hygienic supplies, groceries and clothes; with high hopes I’d moved more boxes of stuff out of our crowded warehouse. Yeah, that’s what this joint is looking like a about to over flow, bust at the seams warehouse in need of a clearance sale or one of them 40 yrd dumpsters moved up to the front door. Why? With all the boxes I had gotten rid of yesterday by the time I had returned back home I had come out even for the day. Now, get this, Fed-X stopped by today dropping off 2 more boxes. I’m about to break out in tears my trying to get rid of accumulated useless inventory. All supposedly worthless stuff until its needed by somebody who really needs it and can’t afford it. I keep winding up with more in the end than I’ve been able to get rid of. I see only one immediate solution. I take up my own beer tending, pour me a tall cold one, and symbolically cry into it. (sniff) Gawd, if there’s anything I dislike is watered down beer.
Shop time we took more of the Tall Oliver’s braking system apart removing the gross gear-case remote left brake actuating shaft out. All the damaged parts Ray taken away, his return sometime later he brought us a very good condition cross case-shaft and a newly bushed right side brake pedal arm assembly. The case seals for this 1850 Ollie still remain unattainable at this writing. If we can’t fine NOS (new old stock) hopefully a china-man (most likely) seems somewhere has the good heart to make us a couple new replacement parts. It’s a true fact, if these USA parts are considered obsolete and no longer domestically manufactured parts. In this light we can not help ourselves but to purchase those parts made by whoever alone continues or takes up making these or other parts available for our use.
+Okay, I trashed some more my stuff: old drawings, papers, sketches, and plenty un-categorical savings to paper what I’d no idea what it was. Trying to make more room in here I feel as though I’ve thrown some of myself away. Oh well, such is progress , or is it? Late enough my mind a muddle. BGKC.


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Paula said...

Hope you don't need any of that "stuff" tomorrow.