Friday, January 8, 2010


I ain't apologizing for the beautiful four inches snow standing on my deck covering my yard and junk everywhere. But am sorry for a-long with the beautiful snow the inconsiderate damned fool a-hole snowmobilers making genuine asses of themselves with their machines noisily running the roads all night.
Frieda’s complaining of the noise and I’m wondering that same noise woke me up, for a I had no other reason clear cut?
Now I’m collecting Patent drugs for a newly found cold of my own. Drat! When I woke last night for no apparent reason I thought from some symptoms but for a running nose and a tickle in my throat. I got into Her Mostess’s cough syrup, I got into our giant sized chewable vitamin “C” tablets, and put another pill of a tinnitus medication (magnesium) under my tongue.
Then turned around turning my Computer on and writing something no doubt profound only to wake up again five hours later to find it all lost somewhere out in cyber space. Arrggghhhh!!!! Why, I had even brought up and added another ceramic village picture to the closing of this supposed writing. Oh well?
Frozen battery thawed and charged, installed little Fort tractor, tractor started right up. Tractor running I stood by liking an eternity waiting for the hydraulics to work. Then when they did they was merely working liking molasses in January.
Now that I have the tractor running I’m missing two things. Somebody to help me remove the posthole digger and then either drive the tractor or truck home?
It’s lunch time. Maybe under a handicap I can either think of something or find another solution.
Sure was nice to come inside at quarter of 5:00 PM. Handy and his son home on a snow day gave me a hand taking post hole digger off the Ford. I gassed it and topped off fluids. Then we did chores. Having plugged the Tall Ollie in this morning, Tom missing it I started the Tall Ollie up. Poor Ollie, as cold as it is while Tall’s hydraulics worked they work stiffly. Regardless we may finish up the tractor’s rump end. Everything taken care of at that end Handy drove the Ford home for me. Together we mounted the back blade. So, I’m not totally without snow moving equipment now.
I had said we had gotten four inches snow overnight. I was wrong. Out in it we we’ve gotten just what I had asked for, between six and eight inches. That ground cover makes me a happy camper having that nice white blanket to keep the earth under it warm.
No sinus nor possible cold drip from the nose all the time I’m outdoors. I’m thinking it better keeping my nose outside, to freeze dry, as long as my fingers can take the cold.
Walking and driving remained a bit hazardous negotiating getting around in this snow lying on packed snow and ice underneath. It don’t take much torque under foot nor behind the wheel to loose traction and find yourself either sliding out of control or getting good and stuck.
Son of a gun. In the house only thirty minutes and my nose, my sinuses, were loading up. Time for a vitamin “C” tablet. Gosh I hate those sour vitamin “C” tablets. Yuk! Was time again to grin and bear it.
Here it is. A repeat of a picture I had thought I was putting up earlier.
Then after I had brought this picture up earlier I laid it back down and immediately went to sleep. That was this morning. Now, getting on to supper time there’s absolutely nothing wrong with my appetite. I’m ready to eat the moment my rattler waiting is over. Then I’m afraid a compulsory hibernating feeling will take over my mind and body before. BGKC.

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