Wednesday, January 27, 2010

sunny new day

Gotta get back into the groove. That is just as soon as get over my pooped feelings. Notice I had written feeling in the plural. Enjoying this slacking I don’t want to rush anything what might wear me out before I’m ready for it. (grin)
While I’m goofing off for a few moments I’ve read turtles just may have memories. Which reminds me………
About taking to animals, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. And have had them respond in return. I like it when they speak back. Maybe not always verbally but perhaps bodily or combining both. The easiest critters to know were for the most part those animals treated as pets (dog, cat). Those a bit more difficult to get along with even if this idea may seem an impossible feat I‘ve enjoyed a goat and numbers of cows even to include the so called dreaded bulls. Admittedly these domestic animals hand fed from birth or near birth they learn to trust their handler.
I’m sorry. I’m in no mood or shape to carry this story any further right now. But I may have a start on an opening paragraph though.
Three new medications Doc had written for me are tending to put me on my ear. Telling Doc about my tinnitus, trying to have him put his stethoscope to my ear so’s he may hear the same ringing bells as I am, all I got out of him was, “Go answer your phone.” Then he wrote me three new prescriptions: one heavy duty antibiotic, plus two drugs to break up congestion in my head and open up my sinus passages.
Reading up on these drugs I’m warned to venture forth lightly for they affect me with any number of ill effects. To soon to feel any benefit of these drugs the ill effects have set in. I’m anxious, nervous, my shakes have intensified, and three of my old buddies have joined forces to keep me and my queasy stomach company: Ralph, Earl, and Earp. Me thinks I’ll be keeping company with a big dumb open mouthed bucket beside my bed tonight. BGKC.

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Donna said...

If you ever find a cure for tinnitus, let me know. Cliff's tired of the crickets chirping and the phone ringing.