Sunday, January 3, 2010

What time zit?

Crap! I woke up an hour and a half ago. I don't know why? So puzzling a nature call wasn't even involved. The furnace was/is going? I didn't ask this of it? The wood stove needs my attention? Yeah that's go to be it? Time to feed it as per-habit. I did that. Yeah so simple an act out of habit, I raked up the coals and did my fire cribbing thing and sat down. I wanted to lay down but was no longer sleepy. Double crapola! Maybe if I have a snack? Yeah, I open the refrigerator door. What'll I have what ain't fattening for a change. I've grown to sizes larger around the waist. Milk, cheese, ice-cream, I just naturally like dairy products. Triple crappola. I pulled out the bottom drawer and grabbed the next to the last orange. Yeah I like munching an near ice hearted orange. Can't drink the stuff but munching's okay. I sleepily look at the clock. quadrupled crap I been up to long. I'll never wake up at my regular time, rattler taking's time less than an hour away. Yeah, might as well sort, take, and lay it back down.
Old John's given me a time this morning with the get going. Only thing I didn't have to have was kick'im in the ass. While he's a wakened he's cussed stubborn to go either this way or that and I need'im to pickup and carry his end of the load.
Bless'em ain't herd a thing out of the ladies. If they have said anything its frozen in mid-air and I wont hear it until their words thaw.
Back in the house I ain’t waiting for no beer o’thirty. While John hadn’t needed a stimulant for the get go this AM, now that we’re back I DO!
Way I see it, its time for a Coffee Royal or two to wrap my aching fingers around while also warming my gullet at the same time. I wonder if they’s such a thing as electric gloves?
Spent some of the afternoon working on out going mail. Boring! Some was Frieda’s Hostile entry forms. Then there was Frieda’s long over do malfunctioning first free senior citizen cell phone return. The Farm bureau dues needed shipment. Plus more such fun to occupy my time. Busy fingers are not near as cold stiff if kept occupied.
Afternoon chores were just as cold as the morning ones. To do them required Ugly’s participation taking me down the road. Ugly started near flawlessly. Then I let it warm up bit over a few moments time so’s it didn’t take a notion to stall just out of the driveway. On Getting back the ladies were gathered quietly about the water fountain, perhaps whispering things they didn‘t want me to hear. Suspicious I tried sneaking up on them, only one of them saw me coming the bunch this side the fountain moved away not quite taking their secret with them. My finding the fountain empty I surmised either one of them had drinkened all the water or it had froze for some ultra earthly reason.
Taking the side access panel out with my Ugly’s dash carried handy dandy screwdriver, I immediately saw the trouble. Unless my eyes deceived I think I left out a very important light bulb and its codependent socket. So it was a quick trip to the shop for socket for my Ugly carried light bulb. Off my barn’s shelf I brought out Frieda’s hair driver and commenced to blow dry the freshest of air under the fountain bowls. It only took a few moments to have the water running again. That’ll teach them for drinking it dry…at least until next time. So good to be home, warmth only an opened and closed door away, I simply forgot to grab an arm full of wood on the way in, Once I was in I wasn’t going back outside. BGKC.
The carousal in this picture is an actually working Merry-Go-Round with a couple music selections.

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