Saturday, January 30, 2010

So So

The house so damned cold this AM. Frieda got up complaining. I told her, “It ain’t my fault. The wood’s just to damned cold to burn.” She bought that, then a moment later laughed.
It’s rumored Apple has devised special chips pairer for breast implants what play prerecorded music of customer’s choice. Should help women who’re fed up with men looking at their chests and never listening to them.
While I didn’t make any earth shattering progress around here yesterday. I couldn’t have made any earth trembling advances around here if I can’t even remember anything remotely productive. I still ended the evening with the need (want’s) to write outa couple rants and two more singular topic’s each a couple letters to President Obama.
The worst part of yesterday a front tire on the JD blew out. Whoopee! Only twenty some to thirty years old I don’t understand why it should fail picking up 1600 pound silage bales. In my frozen mind I think John needs two new tires up front.
While I had made a somewhat great stride in my house cleaning Friday my effort fell far short yesterday. Also today for that matter.
For something entirely different to do today I took Ugly to my race-car building neighbor a couple doors down the road. My timing couldn’t have been better. He had only two cars in his shops, both of them his. Glory be he’d three spaces empty room for my Ugly. With his help we fixed my heater, the electrical feed to it, got my rear brakes to working as they should and replaced my driver’s side windshield wiper.
Now I’ve got to take another box out to ugly interior and pack all the dashboard clutter up-off-and-away. I suspect I may even find an old long lost treasure or two in that time gathered mess.
What an empty headed imbecile I have been! If I can pack all of Ugly’s dashboard crap in a box????? Me thinks I can do the same thing with Frieda’s kitchen mess. Yup! Sort, save, consolidate, wipe off food packages, wipe out cabinets. I may even eventually locate the kitchen stove in something roughly resembling one? If I can clean and reorganize her kitchen, perhaps I can get in the time to prepare a couple three meals a-week.
Now let me explain. When I cook, I tend to prepare enough food to feed the eighth army. It’s a way of cooking I’d become accustomed doing it my way a long time ago. When I’m alone and hungry every night getting in off the range (so to speak) wanting to eat every night I might not have time for my own cooking. Thus it was the two ot three evenings a week I had the time I used to cook up a tall kettle full. Leftovers galore I might indulge the evening next. After that those left over were packed into 1½/2 pound plastic cartons, cottage cheese or other products had once upon a time, I had carried home and frozen. I often time’s had no less that 3or4 recipes going at a time. When I couldn’t cook it I’d pull a prepackaged meal out of the freezer putting it on a frame in a pan of water making my warming up similar to a double boiler-ing it like. And, so it may be the same again. Simplified bulk meals consisted of recipe Mom’s chili made with hamburger, kidney beans, onions, sliced tomatoes and chili peppered to suit; Mom’s goulash made with hamburger, whole tomatoes, onions, celery, with macaroni noodles and sometimes fresh garlic; Mom‘s stem made with tenderly cut peaces of beef, lots of thick heavy (milk cornstarch) gravy, potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, and any of a variety of herbs or spices; I also liked making spaghetti using a canned prepared sauce fortifying it with an assortment of herbs and spices(sneakily suggesting its my own); and my own potato soup, plus some onions along with the obvious, the sauce made with milk and cornstarch. Then when I had the time cooking not only for myself I might fry a steak, boiled tators mashed, lots vegetables steamed, bread or even better some baking powder biscuits. Oh and I used to broil filleted salmon and/or trout on an open fire basting with either lemon/butter, vinegar/butter, beer/butter, soda-pop/butter, or whatever else I might have fancied at the tine, plus paprika near the finish for color more than taste.
Until we all sit down to a meal together. BGKC.


Paula said...

Wow you can cook and clean. I think Frieda ought to keep ya.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Fern, you are quite the man! Frieda is one lucky woman!