Thursday, January 21, 2010

Can’t figure it

While Bro’ was off cross country to pick up a couple seals for the Tall Ollie. (He’d finally found two.) I backed up to the wood-hauler loaded down with tin type scrap metals. I mean this load I had thrown on the wood-hauler was of such poor quality. I’ve honestly seen better trash thrown out aside the roads come trash pickup days. I couldn’t believe what they paid me for 1100 pd’s metals inclusive bicycles, tin cans (literally), barbed wire, woven fence, sheet metals (leftovers), nails, bolts and nuts, folded brake lines to fit in trailer, other in-descript junk, plus two gallons hard water (ice blocks). That crap was bought from me $176.00/ton.
When seal parts got back I put some the Tall Ollie back together again. This kept my afternoon busy. Asked to put my hand in the far ends chores I did so with Bro’s part of them. Having let things go around here, I had a small mountain of firewood to bring in. That done I took a hot chocolate break. Before I had finishes I’m called, “You got a non working fountain down here. Fine! Just ducky even! I hadn’t done my chores yet and I was already leaning on my twilight zone. Time to hustle I was off and on the JD doing my chores in what light I had left.
Yup it was dark when I turned right out of the drive needing head lights to keep Ugly between the ditches. I don’t know why somebody couldn’t have informed me this problem hours ago. I don’t do well seeing after dark and here I am on the road. On the seat beside me I’ve got my heavy flashlight and Frieda’s handy dandy hair drier, and my screw drive on the dash. Dark it was, my pulling up in front the barn. I light bulb in my pocket, the screw driver flashlight and hair drier in my hands I trip into the barn over a hay fork handily laying on the floor where one of the kids left so I could run a hole in what had been my waterproof boots. Oh well, should they ever be filled with water, they’ve a drain now to let the water out saving me otherwise standing on my head.
Getting back to the problem water fountain outside the other end the barn my doing one my gymnast impersonation’s ducking through the wee little door in the middle of the big back door. Crossing the pen under total darkness by this time with my flashlight I shine it on the fountain in question. It’s there. It’s bowls have water in them and the water’s also still running . Just the same I better check out the light bulb within the fountain cabinet. Juggling my tools for my screw driver’s use I momentarily turned my flashlight away. A sliver of light came shinning out about the edges of the service door. There was nothing wrong with this fountain, still I’ll recheck it out again come tomorrow morning.
This pretty well covered my day. It was busy enough to keeping me out until about an hour after dark. I’ve had it. I’m done for today. BGKC,


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