Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January re-up.

21* and snow flurries forecasted.
Giving it no thought I had my coffee, and put away two enormous custard éclairs for breakfast, thinking nothing of their sugar content.
Well rested for'em, willingly prepared to take'em all on this morning, I was on the road.
Feeling exceptionally well I’ve been going through this routine twice a year a countless number years before this day, I was aware what’d happen. After all the expected pinching, poking, hand holding, incriminating pictures taken, then Doc'd come in and likely renew all my prescriptions.
Second best part I had to look forward to, was Ugly's easy start for this morning's adventures? As it worked out Ugly hadn’t disappointed me!
Upon my getting back. The appointment was everything I said it'd be plus a wiggly line drawing on a single sheet of paper drawn for my heart for my easily laid out personage and then kept on my toes for some passing me around in those cubicle's behind Doc's office.
Yup. It was just as I had predicted. When the techs finished having their ways with me Doc confronted me with the news. My sugar was a bit high for all the sugar I had eatened just before my check up and all my medications were simply re-upped.
One more stop before returning home found me asking questions of my drug pusher and getting good sound answers, my bringing home a better patent medication to strengthen Her Mostess’s bones.
In an effort to try to bring some resemblance of manageable order with-in these four walls, I have while sorting self-destructing trash from things worthy saving, I’ve come upon a marvelous set of Popular Mechanics encyclopedias printed in the mid 1950‘s. I do believe a fair lady had been asking me of them only a-few days past. Finding them only affirms what I have wanted to build for the last fifteen years, two book cases. I swear, they’ll be built soon. BGKC.

I hope these pictures are enjoyed. I’m afraid, my mixing them up I may only put up a couple more.

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Paula said...

Where did you get all these pretty figurines? I especially like the black and white cows in the fence.