Saturday, January 2, 2010

I’m up

4:00 AM and I’m awake. The stove needs tending. But I lay here listening to the varied sounds around me, the house. The nature call I thought I felt I might not have been the first. Frieda’s moving around sounds as if she’s already relieving one of Nature’s necessities. I don’t want to move until I’m sure the way’s clear for my visiting the facilities.
Unable to hold off any longer I listen all the harder and I hear still more sounds, but this is it, I gotta go. Only first, oh yeah, Frieda’s gone back to bed and is talking to the cat. And its when ya got to go, lfore and aft the stove’s internal hearth. On either side the coals I laid a fitting chunk of wood also fore’n’aft. Over these pieces I added (cribbed) four more assorted pieces over/across the first two, and closed the door.
Laying back down the house seems even quieter. Everyone else supposedly asleep there are/were more sounds I hadn’t heard like we’ve a thunder storm ragging over head outdoors. My curiosity getting the better of me, I’m already awake I get up; and, turning try the front door light on I looking out the front door, only all the lexon panes are frosted, mean frosted, over. I can’t see anything and I wasn’t going to open that door for curiosity’s sake and a cold blast of winter air. A look outside will have to wait until dawn. Laid down a couple moments later here come the fat assed cat (Della). Interestingly enough the cat come to us already named Della, which just so happens to ve the same as Frieda’s only surviving and younger sister. Continued laying quietly straining to listen for more sounds; only, I there were any, they were just drowned out by the stoves stack fan coming on to circulate the stove’s generated hat about the house.
Any more performances that might have been heard in the dark drowned out for sure there was no sense staying awake; only, sleep wasn’t coming easily. What the heck, I got up and wrote these ridiculous dark of the night impressions with my keyboard on my computer. I’ve noticed two things. One of them I’ve about worn the word “only” out in my even more ridiculous mid-night worded ramblings, and secondly, I finally find myself sleepy and wanting to lay back down. Good’en Night. ZZZZZZZZZZ
Having laid back down, I’ve the TV on to drown out all the ga-jillians of crickets having taken over my hearing. The only thing on the tellee at this hour was a T&A flick with a decent sound track. It was better’en listening than all the emotional and/or horrorific bloody offerings to suffer. And then while laying there It come to mind I was to look at Frieda’s breathing apparatus a couple days ago. Well, all wasn’t lost I managed to fix her sewing machine. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
(an addendum) Those Z’s cam over my listening to Donkey arguing with Shrek as they were about to rescue pretty Princess Fiona.
Officially waking up late, I had slept hard. I mean I must have put everything into it. I woke so late it been long gone past breakfast. Had I been on the once upon a time time-clock working world. Even from here it were a catch-up time for a spell even for laziness. (sigh)
So cold here this morning when I went out to the chores, I was alright here. However, when I wanted Ugly to wake up and take me down the road, the mechanical beast denied me its cooperation. I turned over well for three tries and that was that. Bringing out the heavy charger on Ugly’s innards I carried firewood into the house. I took time enough to bring two/three days supply. Trying Ugly agin it was a no go. Rather than contaminate the crankcase oil with gasoline washing down the cylinder walls I call Ray it pick me up the van had started and we did his chores together including loading the Polaris ranger high with firewood. Back home I swapped in a smaller battery charger for the big one on Ugly. The idea keep the battery warn for more starting power tomorrow. Another help the weather’s supposed to warm some tomorrow. Right now it is just so long as Ugly starts Tuesday next for my bi-annual checkup and Frieda’s cold if it isn’t better by then.
Frieda sounding worse all the time starting to talk with a tart’s sounding huskier voice. Gosh I had to do something before she got well enough to start anything I couldn’t finish. I called one of Frieda’s girl friends. I got one of her son’s and he sent his brother over to run me into the Crossroads.
Sheesh! I wish when we get sick we could mean or say what it actually is we may want or need. Frieda had told me she wanted “Day Quill” for her throat and “Vicks” for her nose. Picking up bread and milk, seeing the pharmacist I asked him about Frieda’s nose swabbing medication choice. It was just as bad as I had thought it have been, he recommended Neosporin cream on a swab run up her nose. Already having some of that on his recommendation that need was taken care of. As for the Day Quill my checking the cough medication stock shelves the product was offered in three price ranges: Night Quill‘s, The retailer’s brand, and finally an off brand name the least expensive of all three. This product I loaded up on with two giant economy sizes. Reading the label free booze content, Frieda wont need a designated driver for taking this stuff any time soon. Her fun meal? Chicken noodle soup and crackers.
What good did I accomplish if any today? I slowed down one of the basement drafts coming up stairs. I witnessed the furnace working on its own. Good idea. I must remember to adjust thermostat accordingly for continued kicking’s the dungeon’s firey
Anything worthwhile accomplished today? If dressing, undressing and redressing without mommy’s help for the cold accounts for anything I did alright today. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Have you ever slept so hard you wake up more tired then you were when you went to bed? You always seem to accomplish a lot.