Saturday, January 16, 2010

What a Day

No one but no one could have asked for a prettier day. The thermometer had even climbed a couple degrees above freezing. Why, I didn’t been have my hat’s flaps down all day even for driving the tractor back home.
Tom joined me in play on the frozen over sand box. That’s why I got to drive the tractor. Tom had about froze his bippity off taking it to the shop for the tire fix. While I spent most of my time making fix a bunch of tires, the JD’s the most important. Tom worked more upon Tall Ollie assembling. How it worked we each gave the other a hand when he needed it. The best part of this?
I’ll tell it like it is. Get two amiable friends together prone to giving and taking some ribbing made another whole day a joy to have experienced. Taking Tom home our doing everybody’s chores he stated his anxiousness to come out and play again tomorrow. We’re not careful we may soon have that Tall Ollie out of the shop. Two things still need doing. Set the Ollie back down to earth, and tighten up the front axel assembly. The other, repair and/or rework most the tractor’s wiring.
Getting home I come in a rested a bit. When I was afraid I might have over done myself remaking my throat sore. I took my rattlers. I had a cup of coffee, took a swig some cough syrup, and found myself ready to go again. I did some sweeping and picking up in here. Went out to bring some firewood in and while doing that thought the deck overcrowded, which it diffidently was when a did one Hell of a Fan-Dang-O Dance keeping myself upright with my decidedly last arm load of wood from the outside stack. Seems when the sun’s going down ice and snow become slipperier. Okay, the stove wood still looking short I made more room on the deck bringing in what wood I had left sitting on the deck for in here.
Seat starting to cruise the net, writing this, and listening to Her Mostess heaven forgive me I drifted off into an easy sleep, an hour or more. Out of milk I had a beer with my supper. Darn, it I’ve got to get to the Crossroads sometime tomorrow. This substituting beer for cows milk just plainly isn’t cutting it. We’re almost out of beer. No where near my bed time, I’m still having a time trying to stay it awake. The stove fan has quit a couple times, so I’d better throw another log on the fire. And then its going to be…BGKC.

Railroad station in the foreground. Graceland supposedly in the back ground, a very valuable collectable piece. It just looks like a house to me. Like mini skirts, I’d never been a slave to fashion……

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Paula said...

Do you know how many pieces there are to this vast set of figurines?