Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pretty day

Clear skies, sunshine, and crispy air made it was a joy to be outside. The Ford starting nicely I cleaned the farm yard’s drive of some the snow. I’d have let it go if it weren’t coming up time to grind another batch of mixed grain. A cleaned drive eliminates some ruts, some of them ruts I just plainly go without.
Sun of a gun getting in an hour after the twilight light faded out and another half hour down dressing, nuking my supper, I’ve finally settled into my favorite chair. It’s lap time for my dinner plate either shoving or shoveling it in. My bones chilled enough I could damn near eat the crockery the vittles are on.
After lunch I fired up the 4020 thinking it good day taking it to Tom’s place so he could unstack some logs what had gotten in his way troubling his attempts to block them up for splitting.
The air almost still starting out on the drive I didn’t think it’d to bad. Was I ever wrong. It took all of the first mile to get the cussed tractor warm enough to have shifted it into high gear. The it was turning north straight into probably no more than a three/four mph what I’d call an arctic breeze.
On arrival my jaw bone a vibrating something fierce Tom sent me up to his apartment for warmth and coffee. That coffee mug sure was a winner in my fingers wrapped around it to cool its contents for sipping. I chatted some with Tom’s wife and enjoyed her pet raccoons coming out to look me over. Not yet a year old they were big enough for a coonskin hat and a good roasting with that hat material removed they were looking fit enough for some tender eating. Yum!
The drive home was near a cake walk as for comfortable weather following my drive was concerned. Drive’s south alternating with east that had earlier been in my face, breezes, was behind me. That was a relief. Pulling into the lower drive I boogied right out to the hay-yard going on to feed the ladies.
Wasn’t to bad a day with all concerned. The Ford started smartly. Had to wait a while for the hydraulics to function. Ugly was a stubborn start, worrying me my might have had to bring out the heavy battery booster, just catching. What really grinds my butt, I had purchased TWO cans (ether) starting fluid, and I can’t find hide nor hair of either one. They were likely my cans what come up missing earlier this last fall. Looks like I’d better find a couple more! Sure’d like to had one today. Was good I had gotten along without it! Was even better I hadn't dangerously used one.
Damn it! There’s got to be something to this sinus problem of mine, but I don’t know what it is. Outside all day there was no drip, drip, drip it off the nose? There was also no hack, hack, hack coming up from the throat? I could sure use an explanation for all this. Only good thing coming off for the whole day, The noise in my ears has subsided some. I don’t blame anyone sleeping to the sound of a TV or radio. Personally I wouldn’t mind listening to National Public Radio if I could find a 24/7 NPR station. BGKC.

I like the green house in this picture. Seeing it this evening has me thinking Spring!

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