Friday, January 1, 2010

12-31-o9 Last Yrs Mistake

It was a quiet evening to say the least. Frieda and I sharing our company in near total silence became to much. While I played with the new cable box and remote Frieda read her book. The TV a near total bore even with hundreds of channels to choose I finally settled into one of them wilderness offerings. Inspired, I interrupted her reading, and asked, “Do you remember some of our camping trips, hikes, camp fires, smoked vittles, my way of getting into my sleeping bag.”
Looking at me, I had finally gotten her attention, and she asked me, “How was that, Dear?”
Knowing better, I told her, “I woke you up first.”
I got one dirty look, she silently threw her TV comforter to one side, got up and went to bed. So much for cheerful companionship. Herr Clink went to bed without me. Falling off to sleep alone I don’t remember bringing in the new year. While I should have known better, the devil made me say it.
Thankfully all was forgiven before sun up, my warming rolls and fixing coffee.
After all it is a New Year…..
Be exstreamly Good, Kind, and Careful.


Paula said...

Be good and kind to Frieda or else you will have to be careful. I hope this new Year brings only good things to you both.

Donna said...

Yeah, you need to make one New Year's resolution: tread lightly around Frieda.