Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Up late, feeling lazy.

Late sunrise:
I can’t believe what I did. Woke up right on time. Thought I could just lay there for a moment or two. What the…..! When I reopened my eyes the clock hands had moved reading like it were an hour and a quarter later. Ho boy, I sprang to my feet, laid my hand on the stove, and thought, “Oh shucks! I‘ve got to build a new fire.” luckily that was not the case. I sneakily rearranged the coals so there’d be a couple chunks wood flanking those coals and laid more firewood over them, cribbed like. Then went about my other duties, one of them starting my laundry. (Frieda unable to negotiate the basement stairs any more the laundry is little enough I can do for her evening up all she he done for me over the years.) Getting back to my favorite sitting place, the computer warmed up, I checked the weather. Gonna be nice today and I’ve already missed some of it. Oh well such is my wintered life in Shorthorn country.
Having gotten my act together I’d fed the cats and walked out to the Ford McDigger to see if one of them promotional free, will it start a new Chevy, key in the McDigger’s ignition lock. I tried it, looking right, I stuck in the ignition, IT fit halfway! Oh what the heck, I gave it a turn and the Ford wanted to start. Hmm, a little hand filling upon my part I shall make it fit even better and it’ll become on of them ultra fancy spare Ford tractor keys.
I brought more firewood into the house, so that chore’s done.
While I was carrying the firewood, good old Sweetheart was right outside the door still campaigning the better side of my good nature to let her in the house. One problem. we’ve another cat in the house and Frieda and I aren’t interested in any feline dominance wars. I mean there’s only so much of me to go around and can take.
This cat Sweetheart was born only feet from where I’m seated. Once close to Winter’s ending days, some Spring weeks later she wanted out, so we let her go. Attentive to Frieda all Summer long we let her back into the house that same Fall. Winter’s entertainment we let her out again when Spring rolled around. That fall she wasn’t any to anxious to come in. While we were disappointed we respected her wishes. We left her out. By and By my brother’s home had become rodent infested. He had mice running everywhere daylight as well after dark. He needed help. I suggested he needed my Sweetheart and I’d let her help if he provided her with room and board. A deal was struck. I coaxed her into my arms and tucker her away in a traveling case. Oh lawd, the objections. She howled and screamed as if I was about to introduce her to her own bloody murder. Introductions all around I turner her loose in my brother’s house. Not at all happy with me abandoning her in another’s home. She split and nobody saw her for three days. However she took her task seriously as well as straight to heart. She had been dropped into a warmly housed smorgasbord of meaty mice delicacies. Over time I was forgiven. When Spring rolled around my brother about to set her free outdoors, at his place, I thought that a bad idea. She’d have to fight for her life and place in the new cat community. I brought her back home. She’s been here ever since. She’s the top cat down to the barn and is a stickler for being well mannered. My eyes have seen her cuff an ill manner kitten onto the straight and narrow. Sweetheart has always been a real hoot to watch?! A deided one of a kind
What the devil, close enough to the hour, I had lunch before going onto the shop.
In just before dark, I’d had a good afternoon. Not a wildly successful one but I’m comfortable with it. I assisted in assembling a new hay feeder ring. Then I assisted in feeding five bales hay into four yards. Off and on during the afternoon I round filled my new key. When I had finished it wasn’t pretty but trying it needing a couple more strokes with a flat file it went/was home. I packaged up Ray’s trash and he put it out. We were good. Ray had even brought me a bag of cat food in his day’s travels going out purchasing that hay ring earlier. He also brought home some salt some ready for feeding most for mixing. That’ll be taken care of in a few days. Taking Tom home I got him to assist me fueling the 4020. It is much easier if there’s two of us. One in pouring position the other individual handing the cans up to the first one. That done we tried the new key in the McDigger. Stubborn at first it finally started with that key.
On my way home seeing Juan’s cars in his drive I stopped to see if it’d be a good night Frieda may see their indoor holiday decorations. Learned Jeanie has been sick and she never completed her decorations. Juan suggested next year. That was alright with me, my not wanting to press us upon such a nice lady, cause she sure want to entertain. That activity she didn’t need.
So we’ll be in for the night keeping the fire going and my checking out leftovers. Leftovers? I had ‘sgetti and meat balls. Had fresh (frozen) summer’s raspberries over ice-cream. Been a while since I’d had Ice-cream, my favorite desert of all kinds, well except for apple pie, maybe except for lemon-meringue pie, well maybe not leaving out mince-meat pie, perhaps my likings leans towards butterscotch pudding, and let me not forget lime gelatin laced with fruit-cocktail.
And another one of these:
Latest word on Daughter’s silence. She’d drowned her cell phone in a cup of coffee. There’s simply got to be better stirring stick than a cell phone.
It be getting late already and thinking I might better go to sleep earlier so’s to bring my sleep patterns back on track. I’m committed to starting tomorrow earlier. Can’t help it. If I were paid by the yawn, I’d be a rich man. BGKC.

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Sweetheart posed pretty for the picture.