Friday, December 18, 2009

Good day

Finally got something done today. While I might have started moving the Tall Ollie’s left axle out with Tom’s help, I was soon squeezed out of the picture. That was alright. I plenty of other projects to work on. My near afternoon’s choice was to make the newly acquired radiator cap for the fuel transfer tank a bit easier to handle (put and take on‘n‘off).
On another up side I’ve finally gathered all the necessary parts (supplies) to make finish a couple/three more projects if just given the time. While they may be small fixes they still require finished attention. Seeing an end in sight making up the lost time the last two day’s involved looking for the means to three ends. Now near finished ends.
The weather below freezing for several days had hit 35* this afternoon made it a beautiful day to be outside. Along with catching up on the means to make a several repairs one day soon, I’m also delighted the Tall Ollie’s front tract is finally widened. A big midday treat I had bean soup for today’s lunch made with genuine Great Northern beans. Yum!
Venison in the freezer, enough firewood carried in for the night I’m calling it a good gosh day.


Paula said...

berioYou don't even complain about that cold weather. I guess you all are used to it and prepared for it. That temp just makes me cold to read about it.

Paula said...

Whoops the word verification creeped up ahead of my comment. Strange!