Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Frieda’s Day Out

An extra early start for today this morning. Frieda’s doctor’s appointment was for 8:00 AM.Our living a ways out the NE of Flint. Hr Doc’s office was beyond the SW side of Flint. About an hour’s drive in good weather. So this meant an even earlier start for us. The best part of the drive do I skirt Flint via the more rural country roads or just brave the morning rush hour traffic taking a couple expressways? Decisions, decisions?
When we were through at her surgeon’s office, for Frieda’s day out I took her to one of them high-class restaurant’s without the takin’ sign and drive-up take-out window. And, then while we were Out I showed her some of the sights while I was out anyway. Way out that side the city I had a part we didn’t need to return, we’d likely never need or use, and I had to go by a nut and bolt specialist warehouse for some extra tall grade eight nuts for the Tall Oliver.
Now for something in an entirely different vane from my youth:
Having an instilled knowledge of everything he knew about the star’s, Dad showed me the big dipper. Then when I knew how to recognize it regardless the hour where it might be found in the sky, I learned that the big dipper’s lip pointed straight out at the brightest star, North Star. Then knowing the north star there was no need my being caught out confused at night as to which way it was to come back home. That knowledge came in handy a number of times I doubted my compass.
Lunch hour entry:
We made it back home safe and sound with no great efforts upon Her Mostess’s part preventing me form seriously becoming confuse along towards the fourth stop. More about that later. First stop Frieda’s been scheduled for a knee joint replacement Feb.9th a year from now. From there we went by the home H-care patient emporium for handicappers. Here we got her a left knee brace to support her until she‘s had her surgery.. Our next stop was returning a part for a rolling gang box. Why for, I had mysteriously found the original missing one. Up and out before daylight it were more than past our regular breakfast hour. When Frieda’s out 99% of the times, this means a meal out also. Just down the road apiece I found one of them fancy restaurants I didn’t have talk in-order to get to a nonexistent takeout window this joint didn’t have. Like I should-a said, “High Class”. One more stop o make we had to drive somewhere around the International airport to pickup some specialty hardware. For a while I thought Frieda would never get me there as if she were any help in this department in any way. On top of that having ignored the fuel gauge earlier the van started to spotter. We was running out of gas. Notice how I share the more meaningful aspects of one mine shopping expeditions. Regardless, the van’s sputtering’s coming closer together I just made to the next busy intersection to coast right in up to the first gas pump to have come along the left side the van’s fill cap. My choice of 93 octane gasoline taking it leaving it I had little choice. Anybody got any idea what seven gallon of high octane gas costs? While I was fueling I set my macho demeanor aside seeking fresher directions for the next primary hardware stop for Her Mostess‘s information. Back on the road again, sun-of-a-gun, saw a Sara Lee Bakery outlet coming up and wheeled in. Well as long as we were in the neighborhood and bought a few things at reduced prices. From there on the road again one of us had made a wrong turn, narrowing that wrong turner down Frieda doesn’t drive. So, I insisted Frieda let me exercise some macho relief and ask directions again. Finally getting the way right in her head we were at long last pulling up in front the hardware store only moments later. Getting our specialty nuts ¾” schedule eight deep nuts they weren’t giving them away. Finished there I got us back on a freeway headed for home. Only two more scheduled grocery stops to go we skipped the first one for lack of ready cash going right on home instead.
Handy having called for a ride. Okay then, my dropping Frieda off at home along with everything the van had gathered carried into the house with her. I picked up Handy and we both went grocery shopping. This shopping excursion for me was finagled out to satisfy both our needs to pick-up a few things. It worked out alright by his calling me still on the road between my last two stops. Postponing my stop it only took a turn left instead of right to accommodated both our shopping needs.
Ho boy, am I ever glad this impromptu shopping day is over with! Later!
My lunch was rather skimpy as it was my third bellied up to meal of the day. After that I headed for the shop. Pulling into the yard there were little girl tracks all over the yard. The Spring Heifers had gotten out. They had gotten into bale wrap pictured below. Thankfully they didn’t give Ray a whole lot of trouble going back from out of the yard they belonged in. Whew. On my arrival we did his hay moving chores. Then I moved onto checking fences. They were full bore hot. How then had the Spring heifers get out. Near as we can narrow the question down the kids might have left the gate after last night’s chores.
I had also managed to use half that hardware on the Tall Oliver. I might better explain Frieda had never had the slightest chance of knowing where the place was I had to go. At least she was well entertained.
While I’m checking fences, when I got to the back of the upper barn I saw two back doors of the barn in jeopardy. One is sprung open the other door one end is off the track. My question is, why can’t these kids tell me when something’s attention. Now that I’ve discovered the problem I may likely force the sprung door shut with some railroad iron leverage. The other door off the track has like settled and has frozen down in the mud. Yup, I can see it all now. With the only break in the weather expected Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, just guess where I’ll likely be doing what?
Here’s some eye candy to a farmer’s mind. {;^))
Saw this tractor yesterday. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.
Here’s a look at the rear.
Would you believe this rebuilt tractor is going down on the farm to earn it’s keep! No shows!
The gentleman who rebuilds these Olivers takes them in (mostly on order) completely rebuilds and paints them looking (better than, in my estimation) like new including decals.
A few months ago one of his 2150 MFWD rebuilds went to Maine. His customers like these unattainable tractors and pay the price to buy one of the rebuilt bests ever manufactured. (so I been told) BGKC.

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