Sunday, December 6, 2009

My day our day full day whata day

Morning’s words
Son-of-a-gunn, the presumptuous boss lady’s breezing through the house at 4:00AM, without the usual right footed stomping. Silly female’s already celebrating two days in advance the very day I insisted she bring me down. My self, I can soully await the day I gave myself away to have been the start of her each day’s reminded of my good fortune.
It galls me to remember how I had let myself be left opened to such the skullduggery she played on me drawing into her into her devious man trap. Worse, she burned into my mind’s memory the evening she’d settled my fate wearing that cute basic little black cocktail dress in navy-blue. Mean old woman has finally quit fuming my involvement with about four dozen ladies just awaiting my prior commitment to their medical needs.
I’m starting shortly after sunrise to fit it all in including her party celebration.
Evening’s words
Great day having started this morning. The ladies had come through for me making themselves short work our being done before e-lemon o’clock. Found I had time to retie down the tarp on the feed wagon. Was something I wanted to do, as the old straps started giving out, before we got a heavy snow to cave the tarp in. Her Mostess cleaned up, we packed up our dish to pass and we were on our way by 12:30 PM. We went by the undertaker’s to extend my condolences to Jack, his loosing his father. I suggested if he ever needed any help to contact me or any the rest of his neighbors. Now, that’ll please all the rest his neighbors feeling needed when Jack calls. From there I motored us up to Frieda’s girl friend’s house for our dinner out. We exchanged stories. At least those what wouldn’t sadden Sue. Bro’ was a an hour late but there were plenty of leftovers and the microwave to fix him a hot plate. Main course included a honey cured ham seasoned with pineapple slices, clove, basted under some pineapple and cherry juices, and cherries more for color than anything else. Mmmmm, but good just the same. More foods included cheese laced mashed potatoes, asparagus. Desserts were good: raspberry pie, lemon-moorrang pie, and pumpkin cake.
Having done my chores (more or less) while trying to coax my ladies into a holding pen this morning I didn’t have to do them this evening. I’d been a real nice day. BGKC.

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