Monday, December 28, 2009

busy day

My putting my day together list:
Got to get back into the grove. First thing make a phone call. With that call I’ll fit my day’s schedule together with what has to be done. Two tasks stand out: I’ve got to get my bi-annual checkup and grind grain. Which ever comes up first, first I’ll have to plug the tractor‘s battery charger and block heater in to warm up tractor for starting. Need to likely make my last supplement run to the elevator until next year. :^) Out of feed, out of meds, my day has been duty filled.
Coffee smells like extra fresh ground fresh grounds fresh brewed this morning. Mmm Good. Reminds me the days Mom used to buy her coffee fresh ground in the A & P coffee grinder. That was until she’d found an old cast iron coffee grinder combination fit to a hardwood plank and with a miniature cabinet drawer assembly. Mom had Dad fasten to the kitchen wall near the cream separator. I remember her pouring a small scoop that was the perfect measure for her coffee pot. Her favorite coffee maker in those days was her Stovetop Glass Vacuum
I’ve used the Electric percolator as like right now these pots holding up the best living with country well water. These are ugliest and longest lasting pots made of plastic.
There was the dripolator.
Then there was the Mr. Coffee types that lasted a whole year if the purchaser lucked out.
The longest lasting was the boiled coffee maker. I’ve had my gallon sized pot for almost sixty years. Today’s inflated retail price for an enameled new pot, about $50.00. Ouch!
My day’s summation:
First thing right after the cats. They think they’s the most important critters around here and they’re all going to waste away if they aren’t fed post hast any time I step my home’s door.
Doc’s still vacationing it. No answer, no appointment. I called my druggist and he’d fixed me up with an emergency prescription pack. Whew… and … Whoopee!
I managed one phone call out of three and got Frieda’s insurance settled.
The weather cold the winds almost nonexistent It wasn’t to bad out. I made my rounds ending back here with the empty feed wagon. The empty wagon here I set about the tractor start, the set up and completed today’s feed grind this morning. Everything went smooth enough until it came time to back the equipment back down into the barn. All my coming and going the last couple weeks driving across the creek bottom had not been a problem until I had finished the grind. Over the creek countless numbers of times the last couple week’s day everything had been fine and dandy. Today the right front tractor tire dropped through the ice and chocked itself in the creek bottom’s mud as well as to stop my progress putting the machines away. As any farm tractor driver knows it’s practically impossible to rock a tractor out of a sticking situation. Somehow I had gotten the tractor to move forward getting myself some room the drop the tractor into reverse and romped on it. Whew, I made it across the creek slipping and sliding enough being unproperly lined up for an easy backing into the barn had not happened. Anybody have any idea what jockeying an assembled tow around on freshly deposited snow upon a now hidden sheet of ice. Any body watching my jockeying those machines around could well have imagined I was dancing a country hoedown without music, my left foot stomping the clutch pedal to stop swayed motions left reel right, while my right foot seemingly stomping the same tractor deck the differential lock under foot for both wheels backing. (:^)
By gum, it was nearing lunch time. Ah shucks, might just as well take care of the ladies hay before feeding my own face and warming my fingers and toes. I’m sure hay kept in front of them will keep their tummies full and warming them. But, then, everyone of them is wearing a heavy fur coat. I’ve also noticed they are not slaves to human fashion trends. I have not seen or heard a single one of them ever campaign, “I’d rather go naked than wear fur!”
Get a load of these art works. Fabulous!

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Awww that little wrecker is getting the job done.