Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Forgotten Clause

Oh mind word. It’s been ten Lustrums plus one year to continue growing on. It seems we’ve managed to insanely keep the first and only argument going all these years. I believe it’s all in holding our battlements, keeping them intact our two sex’s conferring over the fine wording leading to continued piece treateeee negotiations.
Lucky for us our finding our hands a perfectly good fit our very first date. It had to have been the right omen for our relationship to have grown on.
Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen wherever you are.
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Out all day for today’s weather enjoyment; near freezing, just above freezing, mixed rain and snow showers, sharp bone chilling winds. Putting all these elements together, if today’s weather had not been invigorating it had at lest been stimulating, and surely motivating. I’ll tell it like it is, today’s weather freezing my fingers up to the second knuckle I couldn’t wait to wrap then around something warm liking a certain female has denied me lately.
Sitting here trying to write this, about to spill all the accumulated dirt having laid to long dormant within the depths of my soul, a she interrupts me with some negative concern about a pair of sunglasses she doesn’t like wearing. From where did the sunglasses come into this picture? It just doesn’t matter. Regardless, she’d handed me her sunglasses, telling me, “They aren’t any good to me. My eyes just haven’t been as sensitive to the light as yours has been since our operations.”* I took them from her hand an put them one. What misfits. Turning them over they fit my face better. Oh well. They work alright for driving while I’m not so sure they’ll stay on for heavy back breaking tasking. Oh, how I do like writing even little exaggerations! It’d be even better (nicer) if I could remember the opening topic. };^))
* The operations of which I speak were the cataract removals on our eyes.
Well now, finally reaching the bottom of as far as I’m going to wander on this page today. BGKC.

PS: The “Forgotten Clause?” I’ll work on writing about it another day.

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Paula said...

You should see the funny looking sunglasses John found at a thrift store. They have a piece that covers the nose and pieces that cover the top of the ears. They would have been great back when he was driving a tractor in the hot Texas sun in summer.