Sunday, December 27, 2009

Will it ever end?

I’d been found still splitting wood this morning for Tom this time. I do believe he over did yesterday. He should have quit when I did. Well, all’s split what chunks he had cut up. Know we’ve got to do some chain sawing.
Sitting down to a well earned hot coffee in hands wrapped around the cup’s warmth, we started to recap this morning’s good works. About then I’m celled, “There’s a dog chasing the cattle.” Ho boy! That message put an end to recapping anything.
Mounted up within Ugly’s confines I’d driven home. Driving right on by home there was nothing of any dog I could see. However, it were time I fed the ladies and returned home to do just that.

Packing my holstered piece slung over my shoulder; mysteriously unable to close the shrunken belt around the waist any more, I took it along anyway. With all the ladies excitement concerning an uninvited dog’s want to chase one or two of them the whole lot turned on it (dog) and it split. I’m expecting that dog’s has picked up some smarts along it’s feral ways. Not seeing that mutt in the pasture didn’t mean it were gone. Mounted up on the loader equipped JD, my heading out to feed the ladies that mutt came out of the hay-yard crossing my imagined path at just the right distance, safe Now, if I had tried out my six gun, my gun hand havin’ taken up shaking, that mutt was safe as if were still interested in its mother’s charms. That mutt just a moving to and fro must have had an inkling it was safe from any real harm by my hand. It appeared to be about an eight month old German Shepherd and Black Lab mix. To far to initiate a lasting understanding from a shaken hand so bad to make the one and only lasting impression upon the what I could really only assume was a feral mutt, I watched. Headed west I turned the JD around and sort of followed the unsaintly mutt slinking cross country keeping it in sight as best I could my hoping it lead me to its home. My even winding up out on the road, about a half mile down the road it ran off the road south, there my giving up my chase. In the meantime I’ll keep an eye open from now on to see it it belongs to someone down the road, well around the corner.
The ladies at long last fed I finally got to sit down to my lunch. Some home made stew resembling something more liking soup. I didn’t contradict her. I felt her skillet before. Closed quartered as we are this cold weather you all know I’ve got to get in out of the weather some times. I know it also. Regardless what she called it or I thought of it, I told her, ”It’s good!” I know which side of my bed has the sheets on it. Supper scarcely out of the way it were time to hit the road. We’d been invited down the road for coffee and desert. I’m careful about not messing up one them priceless coffee stops.
Our staying long enough we not only enjoyed our hostesses company but we also enjoyed our host’s company for as long as it lasted. That was good as it worked out. If there’s anything what bothers me it’s my inability to spread rumors when I face to face with the rumoree.
Well, this enough of this.
Now let me introduce you’ll to something entirely different, a pig’s tale.
Daisy Mae. She’ll grunt and complain at any stranger touching her. Rub her for a couple/three moments back and back forth and she’ll become your buddy acceptant more attention’ If ya look closely ya’ll notice she does have a nice figure, the likeness a grounded Good Year blimp. Continue that rubbing up’n’down her spine and she‘ll sound just like them Good Year blimp engines, just a purring.
(Eat you heart out Ron if you’re reading this!)
This’s Daisy Mae’s nest. The sides of this nest are half Daisy Mae’s height and she’s got to be somewhere’s around/about a hundred and fifty pound a-fully grown potbellied pig.
One more thing. Holy moley, Number one son came out to see us. Frieda and I scarcely settle with in our house he and his family come knocking on the door. I ain’t gona-a say it, but I can think it, “Where ever did they ever find the time?” Oh well it was good seeing them regardless the hardships? }:^|
Opps: Almost forgot this:
Finely having it all together an hour past bedtime. BGKC.


Paula said...

Nothing makes John madder then a dog chasing his cattle.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

That is a nice pig! Hope the dog stays away..