Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I hate day’s like this

I was busy, busy, busy all day and still feel as if I haven’t accomplished a thing. The day went something like this. Turning the computer on for a weather report, ultimately drifted over to the three places where primarily lurk, comment, and most easily get into trouble. The first thing coming to mind was upon one bragger’s cleaning the ashes out of his store. This struck home, having three buckets full I could easily load up and broadcast them for their sweetening effects upon some poor soil (fill).
My first thing out the door right after satisfying the bellies of a number of cats I went about moving my ash. Like I had written I had just the place for them. I did some book work, mailed a bill paying check along with Frieda’s mail-order County Library book exchange. What is it? I wanted to clean out our wood stove and it’d decided to slow burn it 6:00 AM contents. Frieda’s complaining, “I’m cold. Cover me up with another blanket.” Heavens to Mergatroid! I sleep with but one covering, the fire near going out every morning. As it cooled down it would be after lunch before I could clean out stove out and then I removed only about half a bucket full of ashes, as the other half was very much alive coals. The ash bucket so hot I had to have hand protection when that pail was only half full. It was so hot I parked that bucket on top a trivet sitting upon the stove top to radiate what heat it was expelling. Live coals left behind my putting five pieces fire wood in the stove it was only minutes and we had a good fire going again.
That stove taken care of I turned to the telephone my line becoming an outgoing complaint line. My first call was to a credit card company. I’d paid off a product purchase last August and have been charged late charges plus interest on them ever since. I had refused to pay them. Today working my way up the corporate ladder I finally found a party who’d see my complain and unfair charges as I saw them.
All what I had supposedly owed was finally stricken from the electronic books and my credit’s good name restored. I swear, if we let them, the frapping bankers will makes us all slaves to them! I had just objected for over half the afternoon mad and had politely gotten my points across. There was mentioned a boycott and a reversal in nature my taking them to small claims court. Whew, Another call down, one more to go.
My next call was to our local cable company. I wanted an explanation over their charges for what services I was supposedly getting. By the time I was all through I hadn’t saved a dime. The reverse was so, our getting fifty more channels for something like $5.00 more, plus our cable equipment will be up graded later this week at no additional cost. That last no cost to us is most irregular.
Finally all caught up with what I hadn’t forgotten or had actually remembered, I was telephoned, cauliflowered eared out, plainly tired of listening to prerecorded messages, and punching the correct corresponding number to answer a electronic generated question.
I removed myself from the house. I had an enormous amount of firewood needing brought into the house. Saving my converted vestibule to wood shed firewood stores for use during more brutal weather conditions (blizzards say). So I want to bring wood in daily avoiding having skipped it the last couple days while we’ve had such brutal winds, that would have grossly cooled the house off.
The last thing I did was feed the ladies. Then when done with them I was day done a whole half hour before sundown. Sundown came a bit later today under sunny skies. But when it did come it were like somebody had turned off the lights.
Other personal contributions to better living, around here, I had managed a bit more house keeping and some basement visits trying to get ahead of the laundry again. It was a loonnngggg day I’m not accustomed to. No shop time. No accomplishments to making the last Ollie comfortably suitable for summer’s work. Now, I wish I could remember if there was just one more thing I needed to take care of before I get into a fully charged state taking on the new year…. Oh, crap, income tax forms. Bill supported refunds to apply for, and oh yeah get the pig refueled with propane. It’s not the filling what’s going to bother me. It’s the paying for it? And, (almost forgot) subsidy reimbursements.
Oh well, it’s only 120 more days I can look forward to seeing the calves start dropping. BGKC.


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